1 - A

1000 Adventures
12 Days of Christmas - Polk Street Press Singalong
123 Shape Up Number Town, Learn to Count
2 Tigers
2. A Yucky Adventure
The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins - Dr. Seuss
ABCMouse.com Grand Canyon
ABCmouse.com Mt. Rushmore
The Adventures of Ash & Ollie: ScreenTime - A Fingerpri...
The adventure of the 7Wonderlicious girls
The Adventures of Puppup: Lost at the Zoo
The Adventures of Peter Pan
Advent Calendar 2011
Aesop's Thinking: The Ants and the Grasshopper
Aiden and the Apple Tree
Alizay, pirate girl
All By Myself - Little Critter
All my Love (for You) HD by Dominique Maes - CotCotCot-...
Alligator at Saw Grass Road - Smithsonian's Backyard
AlphaBELCH - A Children's Book About Burps
Alphabet of Dinosaurs - Smithsonian Alphabet Books
Alphabet of Insects
Alphabet with Animals
AlphaBooks for iPad
The Amazing Train- Where the adventure comes to life-Fu...
The Amazing Adventures of Eco Boy, Vol 2
The Amazing Adventures of Eco Boy
Amelia and Terror of the Night
Amico Ragnolo
An Amazing Day At The Zoo
And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street - Dr. Seu...
Andie Plays Pretend
Andrew Answers
Angelina Ballerina’s New Dance Teacher
Angus the Irritable Bull
Animal SnApp: Farm
Animalia for iPad
Ankylosaurus Fights Back - Smithsonian’s Prehistoric ...
Another Monster at the End of This Book...Starring Grov...
Archie And The Mysterious Sphere
The Aristocats: Disney Classics
Around The World - Personalized Children's Book
Around the World with Lilup
Arthur Christmas Movie Storybook
The Artifacts
The Artist Mortimer
Astrid & Siri
Auracle - Edsel McFarlan's New Car
Auracle - Hurray for Pre-K!
Auracle - Love You to the Moon & Back
Auracle - Tail Toes Eyes Ears Nose - HD
Auracle – Dr. Duncan Dog on Duty
Auracle – Miko "Double Birthday!" – HD
Auracle – Miko "It was me, Mom!" – HD
Auracle – MIKO "Mom, Wake up and Play!" – HD
Auracle – The Trees Grin Beside Me
Auracle HD - Miko "Goes on Vacation"
Auracle HD - Miko "Moves Out"
Auracle HD - Miko "Wants a Dog"
Auracle HD – Miko "No Bath! No Way!"
Auracle HD – Miko "Where is Mimiki"
Auracle HD – Winter Is
Auryn – Van Gogh and the Sunflowers
Auryn HD - Teddy's Day
Auryn HD - Where Do Balloons Go? An Uplifting Mystery
Auryn HD – I, Trixie, who is dog
Axel Scheffler's Flip Flap Farm
Axel's Chain Reaction
Azawhistle Kids Everything Has a Home: Tejas & Lollipop...

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B&E: Water
Babel, the King - EPIC animated storybook
Baby's First Monsters: 123
Baby's First Monsters: ABCs
Bambi: Disney Classics
Barefoot World Atlas
Barnyard Dance - Boynton
Barnyard Mystery
Bartholomew and the Oobleck - Dr. Seuss
Bartleby's Book of Buttons Vol. 1: The Far Away Island
Bartleby's Book of Buttons Vol. 2: The Button at the B...
Bats! Furry Fliers of the Night
Battle With The Bugs
Be a Buddy, Not a Bully -- A Tales of Midlandia Storybo...
A Bear Ate All The Brussels Sprouts
Bean's Baby
Beau Crow – The Greedy Crow
Beauty and the Beast: Storybook Deluxe
The Beginner's Bible
Being Benny
Being Global
Ben 10 Science Friction- Kids' Book
Ben 10 Triple Threat - Children's Book
Ben the Tractor and the lost sheep
Benny the Cat by Touchoo
The Berenstain Bears Go on a Ghost Walk
The Berenstain Bears and the Nutcracker
The Berenstain Bears and the Big Spelling Bee
The Berenstain Bears Love Their Neighbors
The Berenstain Bears' BIG Bedtime Book
The Berenstain Bears Learn to Share
The Berenstain Bears Bedtime Battle
The Berenstain Bears' Christmas Tree
The Berenstain Bears Do Their Best
The Berenstain Bears Trim the Tree
The Berenstain Bears Give Thanks
The Bible BooClips - Creation
The Big Brag - Dr. Seuss
Big Nate: Comix By U! HD
Big Red Barn
Billy and the Snowman HD - an interactive Christmas tal...
Billy the SpaceCat - Narrated Children's Story
The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories - Dr. Seuss
The Birthday by Sylvia Van Ommen and Maurice van der Bi...
Biscuit Gives a Gift
Biscuit's Birthday
Biscuit's Valentine's Day
Bita's Magic Circus
Bizzy Bear Builds a House
Bizzy Bear on the Farm
The Blue Jackal - An Interactive Tale from Panchatantra
Blue Hat, Green Hat - Boynton
Boats - Byron Barton
Bob Books #1 - Reading Magic for iPad
Bob Books #2 - Reading Magic HD
Bobo Explores Light
The Body Language of Veronica Sue
Boo! HD
The Book of Holes
Books for Kids: At the beach
Books for Kids: Daniel and his toys
Boquitas: The Hunt for the Chupacabras
Boy Dumplings HD
The Boynton Collection
Brave Rooney
Brave: Storybook Deluxe
Bubble Tubbie
The Bugabees
Builda the Re-Bicycler
A Busy Day for Stegosaurus - Smithsonian’s Prehistori...
Busy Bunnies
But Not the Hippopotamus - Boynton
But That Wasn't The Best Part for iPad
The Butter Battle Book - Dr. Seuss
Byron Barton Collection #1

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Caillou: What's That Funny Noise? - i Read With learnin...
The Candy Factory HD - Children's Story Book
Cars 2 Storybook Deluxe
Cars 2 World Grand Prix Read and Race
The Cat in the Hat - Dr. Seuss
The Cat in the Hat Comes Back
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
A Charlie Brown Christmas
The Chalk Box Story, an interactive storybook for kids ...
The Chicken & the Egg HD
Children's Bible Games & Activities for your Kids and S...
Children's Book - Monkey & Croc
Chimps Should Be Chimps Storybook - Lincoln Park Zoo an...
Chipper's Rainy Day
Chocolate Attack! - An Interactive Picture Book
Chris P. Bacon - My Life So Far...
The Christmas Train - I Think I Can
Chrissie's Shell HD
Christmas Activity Book HD - by BabyFirst
Christmas Eve - SO
Christmas Tale HD
Christmas Tale II HD
A Christmas Fairy Tale
A Christmas Tale
Cinderella - A Princess Story
Cinderella – Nosy Crow animated picture book
Cinderella HD - SO
Cinderella, a PicPocket Book
Clam-I-Am! (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat)
Clara Button and the Magical Hat Day
Clever Tales
Click Clack
The Cloud Factory
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Movie Storybook & Clo...
Coastal Quest
Collins Big Cat In The Garden Story Creator
Collins Big Cat: Around the World Story Creator
Collins Big Cat: At the Dump Story Creator
Collins Big Cat: It Was a Cold, Dark Night Story Creato...
Collins Big Cat: My Bike Ride Story Creator
Collins Big Cat: Playing Story Creator
Collins Big Cat: The Farmer’s Lunch Story Creator
Collins Big Cat: The Steam Train Story Creator
Color Uncovered
Compass 3D Storybook - My Ocean Friends
Connor the Cockatoo HD
Cool to be Clever: Edson Hendricks
The Cow Who Made Strawberry Milkshakes
Cowboys and Aliens: The Kids
Cozmo's Day Off for iPad - Interactive Storybook
Crayola: Ruckus Reader
Cuddly as a Bunny - Picture Me®
The Curious Reader
Curious George and the Firefighters by i Read With
Curly Hair, Straight Hair HD

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G - H

Gary's Place
Gerry the Giraffe HD
Gertrude McFuzz - Dr. Seuss
Get There
Giddy Ghost and Whimsical Witch
Gidget Has a Glitch
The Gift: An Interactive Storybook
Giggly Spider
The Girl in the Spaceship - Interactive eBook
Go Away, Big Green Monster! for iPad
The Gobberwobbly
The Going to Bed Book - Sandra Boynton
Goldilocks and the three bears
Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Children's Classic Sto...
Gone Wishing - Interactive Storybook
Goodnight Moon
Goodnight Safari
Goosed Up Rhymes HD
Gorilla Band 3D story book with music - Wasabi Producti...
Great Snail Race, Kids Stories from Tilly's Numbertown
The Great Cookie Thief... A Sesame Street App Starring ...
A Great Day for Pup (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat)
The Greebley Greebley
Green Eggs and Ham - Dr. Seuss
Grendel's Great Escape HD
Grimm's Frog King
Grimm's Red Riding Hood ~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Book
Gus’ Little Coin
Hagar The Harfowl
Hairy Letters
Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy
Hairy Maclary, Scattercat
Halloween eBook
Handmade Mother Goose HD with EveryPage
Hansel and Gretel - Children's Interactive Storybook HD
Happy Birthday to You! - Dr. Seuss
Happy Easter, Little Critter
Harold and the Purple Crayon
Harry and the Haunted House – Wanderful interactive s...
Harry Holstein Hits the Road
Harry the Huntsman
The Harvest Festival, Stories from Number Town
Have You Heard - kids interactive book app
A Heart Pumping Adventure HD
Heidi Advent calendar - English version
Heidi on the Alp
Heidi story collection - 3 in 1
Henrietta is Hungry HD
Henry Motlies Xmas story
Henry! you're late AGAIN!
Hide Run Growl
Hiding Hannah
Hildegard Sings
The Hippo, the Rhino, the Elephant and Me
Hop on Pop - Dr. Seuss
Horton Hatches the Egg - Dr. Seuss
Horton Hears a Who! - Dr. Seuss
House that Jack built - multilingual interactive book
The House That Went On Strike Original Story App for th...
How I Became a Pirate
How Rocket Learned to Read – by Tad Hills
How The Grinch Stole Christmas! - Dr. Seuss
How To Hide A Dinosaur
How To Train Your Dragon- Kids Book HD
A Hug and a Kiss
Humpty Dumpty HD
Hunches in Bunches - Dr. Seuss
Hurray for Today! (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat)

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K - L

Kids and Home
Kids Song Planet - children sing along and nursery rhym...
KidsMag Christmas Special Edition
KidsMag Halloween Special Edition
KidsMag Issue 03
KidsMag Issue 2
KidsMg Easter Special Edition
The King’s Stilts - Dr. Seuss
The Kissing Hand
Kiwi and Pear's World Adventure
Kodee's Canoe - Echo
Koto Go Silence
Kung Fu Panda 2 Interactive Cookbook
Kung Fu Panda 2 Storybook
Kung Fu Panda Holiday Storybook
Kung Fu Robot
Ladybug at Orchard Avenue - Smithsonian's Backyard
Laloo the Red Panda
The Land of Me - Story Time
Land of Mislaid, an interactive children's story
Lately Lily: Paris for a Day!
Lazy Bird
Lazy Larry Lizard
Leafy, the Leaf Who Wouldn't Leave
The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin
Leo the Lightning Bug
The Lettermen go to the Seaside
The Lettermen go to the Circus
The Lettermen go to the Shops
The Lettermen go to the Fair
The Lettermen go to the Moon
The Lettermen go to a Castle
The Lettermen go on a Picnic
The Lettermen go to a Party
The Lettermen go to the Zoo
The Lettermen go in a plane
The Lettermen go to School
The Lettermen on the Farm
Lightning Was Here: My Puzzle Book
Lil' Helper
The Lion King: Timon's Tale
A Little Book About Feelings
Little Bella's - I Close My Eyes
Little Bird
Little Critter Collection #1
Little Critter Collection #2
Little Fox Gets His Wish
Little Fox Music Box – Kids songs – Sing along
Little Frigglepants: Builds a Rocket Ship
Little Lilly's Touch Book
Little Miss Liberty
Little Otter Goes Fishing
Little Red Riding Hood by Nosy Crow
Little Red Riding Hood Interactive Storybook
Little Robot Lost His Square [RobotSquare]
Little Steps to Good Habits - Vol1
The Little Mermaid - Auryn
The Little Witch at School
Living vs Nonliving : Do you know which ones will grow?
Logan and the Upside Down Sea
Lola & Fred
Lola and Lucy's Big Adventure - A Fingerprint Network A...
The Lonely Beast ABC
The Lonely Beast 123
Longlegs and the Pirate With No-Nose
Look Out Larry!
The Lorax - Dr. Seuss
Loris and the Runaway Ball
Lost Larry
Love You Back!
Love, the app
Luca Lashes and His First Haircut
The Lucky Escape HD
Lula's Brew for iPad
Lulu in Australia
Lulu in Polynesia
Lulu in the Amazon

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Mabel & Lulu : The Real Life Adventures - An Interactiv...
Mabell's Zoo - Interactive Counting Book
Mabel's New Home
Maggie and the Perfect Puppy
Magic Ink - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Magic Keyhole - WORLD
Magic Thumbelina
Magnus the Magnetic Dog
Maid Marian Muffins
Marcelo the Fox - Brainy Fables
Martina 1 - Goodbye Grandpa
Martina 2 - Why has my brother got two Daddies
Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now! - Dr. Seuss
Max the mouse with (almost) perfect manners
McElligot’s Pool - Dr. Seuss
Me Too! - Little Critter
Meet Biscuit
Merry Christmas Mom and Dad - Little Critter
Michael Garland's 'An Elf for Christmas'
Michael Garland's Icarus Swinebuckle Interactive Pictur...
Mickey's Spooky Night Puzzle Book
Middle School Confidential 1: Be Confident in Who You A...
Middle School Confidential 2: Real Friends vs. the Othe...
Midnight Feast
The Mighty League Vol 1 - The Terrible Taunting - A Bla...
Miles and Miles of Reptiles (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat)
Millie & The Lost Key - Millie Was Here, Book 2
Millie Was Here, Book 1: Meet Millie
Millie's Crazy Dinosaur Adventure - Millie Was Here, Bo...
Milly Molly and Heidi Untidy HD
Milly, Molly and the Bike Ride HD
Milly, Molly and the Tree Hut HD
Mini Fish Tale
Miss Spider's Bedtime Story for the iPad
Miss Spider's Tea Party
Mog the Forgetful Cat
Monkey And The Crocodile (for iPad) - by Niyaa
Monster Jam
Monster Morning
Monster's Socks
Monsters University Storybook Deluxe
Monsters vs Robots
Monsters, Inc. Storybook Deluxe
The Monster at the End of This Book
Moo, Baa, La La La! - Sandra Boynton
Moomin, Mymble and Little My
Moon and Sun - children's book
Mosasaurus: Mighty Ruler of the Sea - Smithsonian’s P...
Motlies Easter Island Adventure
The Mouse and the Meadow
Mousey Howsee and the Rescuers
Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? - Dr. Seuss
Mr. Pinkerton
Mr. Sandman
Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes - kids storybook
Mrs. Gigglebelly is Coming for Tea
The Mud Monster
Mutant ABCs HD
My Beastly ABCs
My Dad Drives a Roller Coaster Car
My House by Marianne Dubuc
My Incredible Body - Guide to Learn About the Human Bod...
My Mom’s the Best
My Parents Are Crazy!
My Very Own Name
My, Oh My-A Butterfly! (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat)

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Paddington Bear
Paddle Duck in Where's Carrie Cat? An Interactive Story
Pan: The Fearless Beribolt
Pancake Pandemonium
Papa Gatto
Papa's Boy
Pat the Bunny
Peepers: A Zany Peep at Opposites
The Penelope Rose HD
Penelope HD
Penguin's Family - Smithsonian Oceanic Collection
The Penguins of Madagascar: Read & Play
The Perfect Pillow
Pet Shop Boy HD
Pete & Pillar HD
Pete and the secret of flying HD
Peter Pan: Disney Classics
Peterkin Meets A Star HD
Pete's Robot
Petunia Pepper HD
Phil and Freddy's Picnic
Piccadilly's Circus
Picture Book: Princess Bouncerella
Picture Me Christmas Cutie
Picturebook: The Cat that wouldn't move
Pigeon Presents Mo... on the Go!
Pines to Vines - The Forest Biome
Pinocchio - Pink Paw Books Interactive Fairy Tale Serie...
Pinocchio HD - SO
The Pirate Princess ~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Book
The Pirates! Band of Misfits Movie Storybook
Planes - Byron Barton
Planes: Storybook Deluxe
Polar Bear Horizon - Smithsonian Oceanic Collection
Pooh's Birthday Surprise
PopOut! The Night Before Christmas
PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit
PopOut! The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin
Prancing Dancing Lily
A Present for Milo: A Touch-and-Surprise Storybook
Press Here: The App
The Princess and the Frog Read-Along
The Princess and the Pea - by Wombi
Princess Dress-Up: My Sticker Book
Princesses Learn Chinese - Snow White
The Prisoner of Carrot Castle
Professor Garfield Forms of Media
Pteranodon Soars - Smithsonian’s Prehistoric Pals
Punky Goldfish
Puss in Boots - The Great Adventure
Puss In Boots Movie Storybook
Put Me In The Story – Personalized Books

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Q - S

Quigley the Caterpillar
Ranger Rick's Tree House
Rapunzel Classic Story HD
Read with Biff Chip & Kipper. The complete series: All ...
The Really Groovy Story of the Tortoise and the Hare
RealPinocchio - interactive book HD Full
Red Fox at Hickory Lane - Smithsonian's Backyard
Red In Bed
Rescue Helicopter HD
Richard Scarry's Busytown HD
Riley and the Magical Laundry Basket
Rise of the Guardians Movie Storybook Deluxe
Rita The Lizard
Rocket Book
Rolling Pea
Rom and the whale of dreams
Rosie: Yellowstone's Most Famous Bear
Rounds: Franklin Frog
Rounds: Parker Penguin
Rowdy Raccoon and the Turtle Who Wanted to Fly is an in...
Roxie's a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure
Roxie's Doors
Royal Little Pest HD
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Rumpelstiltskin HD - A 3D Children's Interactive Storyb...
Saber-Tooth Trap - Smithsonian's Prehistoric Pals
A Saltfish Story HD
Santa's Suit is Missing!
Sarah little fairy and grandma
Sassy Cassie HD
Scott's Submarine
Scrambled Eggs Super! - Dr. Seuss
Scruffy Kitty
The Shape of Me and Other Stuff - Dr. Seuss
A Shiver of Sharks
The Shoemaker and the Elves - An Interactive Children's...
Shout Science!
Shrek Forever After- Kids' Book HD
Sid Surfa Saurus Surfing Dinosaur
Sid the Science Kid Read & Play for iPad
Simone and the night's monsters
Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Really BIG Adventure
Skid & the Too Tiny Tunnel HD
Sleepy Mole's Moving Day
Slibby The Snail Adventures HD
Slice of Bread goes to the Beach
Smarty Britches: Nouns
Smarty Britches: Verbs
Smithsonian Prehistoric Pals Collection
Sneak a Snack HD - 3D interactive children’s story bo...
Sneaky Sam
The Sneetches - Dr. Seuss
The Snow Queen Musical Children's Interactive Storybook...
Snow Globes 3D! ~ 3D & 2D interactive storybook
Snowflakes Are Falling HD
Snowman Joe
Snowpo: The Trip for Fish and Chips
Snuggle Mountain HD
Snugly ABC Flip Flap - Children's Book
So Many Stars – Andy Warhol
Sock n Boots
Sofia the First: Story Theater
Song for Miles iPad
Sound Uncovered
Spaghetti Day HD
Sparky the Shark - A Frighteningly Funny Adventure HD
Spatter & Spark Pro
Speech with Milo: Interactive Storybook
The Spellinguists
Splish! Splash! Splosh! HD
Spot the Dot
Starting Shakespeare
Stella is a Star
Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim
The Strange & Wonderful World of Ants
Street Sounds Book & Game
Surf Angel

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Taby the Little Mouse
Tacky and the Emperor
Tacky and the Winter Games
Tacky Goes to Camp
Tacky the Penguin
Tacky’s Christmas
Tales from the Watering Hole – Interactive Children's...
A tale off the top of my head
Tangled: Storybook Deluxe
Teddy's Night
Teeny Tuca – The Roosters' Race Book
Ten Giggly Gorillas
Theo and the Letter Eater
There’s a Map on My Lap! (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat)
There’s No Place Like Space! (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Ha...
There's a Wocket in My Pocket! - Dr. Seuss
Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose - Dr. Seuss
This Book Is About To Explode
Thomas & Friends: Diesels and Steamies
Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Railway
Thomas & Friends: Misty Island
Three Blind Mice HD
Three Little Pigs - S28
Three Little Pigs and the Secrets of a Popup Book
Three Little Pigs Storychimes
The Three Little Pigs-Nosy Crow animated storybook
The Three Pandas Animated Storybook
Tilly Witch - Don Freeman's classic Halloween story boo...
Timbuktu Magazine - Stories and games for parents and k...
Timmy Tickle
Timo and the Magical Picture book
Timor the Alligator
Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue - A Magical Adve...
A to Sea
The Tooth That's on the Loose!
Torii’s Summer Adventure – Interactive Storybook fo...
The Tortoise and The Hare - An Interactive Children's B...
Toucan Toucan't
Toy Story 2 Read-Along
Toy Story 3 Read-Along
Toy Story Read-Along
Toy Story Showtime!
Tractor Mac Arrives
Tractor Mac Builds HD
Tractor Mac, You're A Winner HD
Trains - Byron Barton
Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island - Intera...
Treasure Kai and the Seven Cities of Gold
The Tree I See - Interactive Storybook
Treetop Ted
Triceratops Gets Lost - Smithsonian's Prehistoric Pals
Trick or Treat - Little Critter
Trick or Treat: Picture Me®
The Trip Little Critter Reading Adventure
A Troop is a Group of Monkeys
Trouble at Trio Farm
Trucks - Byron Barton
The Truly Great Noodle
The Turkey Who Forgot How To Gobble
Turtle's Day at the Beach - Interactive Storybook for K...
'Twas The Night Before Christmas by Read & Record
The Twelve Days Of Christmas HD
Twinkle Twinkle
Twinkle, Twinkle, Nighty Night
Two Left Feet

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U - W

Ug: A Prehistoric Adventure
Up & Down
UP: My name is Dug
Veggie Bottoms
Velociraptor: Small and Speedy - Smithsonian Prehistori...
The Velveteen Rabbit HD
The Velveteen Rabbit
A Very Busy Week, Stories from Tilly's Number Town
The Very Hungry Caterpillar™ & Friends – Play & Exp...
The Very Cranky Bear
The Very Hungry Bear
Viewpoints: The Blue Jackal and the Lion
Violet - Interactive Children's Storybook
Violet and the Candy Thief - Interactive Halloween Stor...
Violet and the Mystery Next Door - Interactive ...
Violet's 12 Days of Christmas
Violet's Bunny Trouble - Interactive Storybook
Violet's The Night Before Christmas - Interactive Story...
The Vitamin Adventures of Don and Flip
Vlad's Vampire Bats
Walter's Flying Bus
The Waterhole - Graeme Base
The Wee Adventures of Shabu Shabu - Book 1 - The Jade L...
Wee You-Things
Weird But True
Welcome to Monster Isle in 3D - A Peek 'n Play Story Ap...
Wendy Whale HD
A Whale of a Tale! (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat)
What a Bad Dream - Little Critter
What are you eating?
What Do Doozers Do? - Fraggle Rock Kids' Book
What was I Scared of? - Dr. Seuss
Wheels on the Bus HD
When I Get Bigger - Little Critter
When I Grow Up - Little Critter
When Life Hands You Lemons ...
Who is that little kid?
Who Stole The Moon? - Interactive e-book for children
Who Will Rule? [HD]
Why Oh Why Are Deserts Dry? (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat)
Wild About Books
Wild Fables
Wild Kratts World Adventure
Will & Kate
Willie Mouse HD
Wince - Don't Feed The WorryBug (Full Version)
Winnie the Pooh Puzzle Book - Disney
Wish for a Fish (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat)
Wish upon a Star HD
Witchemina - Interactive Children's Storybook
The Witch With No Name HD
The Witch Has An Itch
Woolly Mammoth In Trouble - Smithsonian’s Prehistoric...
A Word's a Bird
The Worst Parents Ever HD
Wreck-It Ralph Storybook Deluxe
The Wrong Side of the Bed
Wubbzy Loves You
Wubbzy The Superhero
Wubbzy's Dance Party

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