Don't Let the Pigeon Run This App! by Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications

The ever-popular Mo Willems' Pigeon is back and he wants to take over your iPad (or iPhone/iPod)! Based on the series of print books published since 2003, this app is sure to become a favorite in any house with children under 6. It features customizable story sequences that will enchant fans of Willems' work instantly. He had me at 'hello', literally (or 'hi' to be completely accurate).

Readers can select one of three choices under the 'create your own story' icon or start by following a great how-to video (starring Willems himself) that helps you draw your own pigeon (which appears later in all the stories). Each version begins with the bus driver walking onto the screen to say that, Read more …

Nighty Night! HD - The bedtime story app for children by Fox and Sheep GmbH

Nighty Night! begins with, "Night falls. The moon is high. All the people are ready to sleep as they turn off the lights. But wait! Look at the farmhouse. There are still some lights on. The animals are sleepy, too. Do you want to turn off the lights?" A peaceful farm appears, where you can tap on any one of seven lit areas on the page. The next scene shows an animal still awake (with a light switch nearby). Tap the switch (each light & switch is different) and the animal settles into sleep, closing their eyes.

After all the animals have been put to bed, there is just one person still up - a little boy (and the reader). The last scene is of this little boy waving out his lit Read more …

The Chicken & the Egg HD by Allan Plenderleith

This absolutely adorable storybook app by Allan Plenderleith stars a cute little chicken who cannot seem to lay her very own egg like all the other chickens on the farm. When a stone rolls into her nest after a hard rain, everything changes. Told with well paced narration and exceptionally polished animation and interactivity, this simple story will enchant the youngest readers and anyone young at heart.  

As a digital app this title is very solidly made, although it's a bit sparse on settings. There is no way to turn off the narration for a 'read myself' mode, for instance (other than muting the device), no option for highlighting and not even a page guide to pick a favorite scene Read more …

Moo Said Morris by Digital Leaf Ltd.

The latest offering from Digital Leaf is a winner. Moo Said Morris opens to the home screen, where users have the choice of clicking on settings or starting the story. There are two other options for “Your Sounds” and “Record,” collectively called “Mootown Records,” that are not accessible until all 14 slices of cheese are found within the story. Settings allow users to reset the app to new purchase settings, which is nice for a home with multiple children or for kiddos who love the hunt and want to find all of the cheese again. This area also contains a help section, additional apps by Digital Leaf, books from Digital Leaf and credits.

The Read more …

Barnyard Mystery by Hamson Design Group Pty Ltd

Are you looking for a digital picture book that allows your child to 'choose their own adventure' with a story that is different every time you read? Or maybe one that includes your child's name, too? Well, look no further than this delightful new app that tells the story of a family visiting a farm. The family (which includes your child if you enter their name on the title page) is asked to help Farmer Bill find a cute baby chick that has gotten lost. The search takes them all over the farm, with each change in location prompting a decision by the reader.

I'm not sure how many different story combinations there are for this title, but it was a slightly different story every time I read it Read more …

Jack and the Beanstalk Children's Interactive Storybook by Ayars Animation

There are a lot of versions of Jack and the Beanstalk in the app store right now, but this one is our favorite, so far. This ebook is so big, so interactive and so filled with hidden games and other surprises that I cannot begin to detail them all.

It's a relatively long book at 32 pages, but the real bulk of this app is in the interactivity hidden on every page. Drag the sun on the first page downward and the whole scene turns to night-time, touch the characters and they sing, talk and even trigger games, like a memory match game that is embedded in the middle of the book.

There is an extensive page index that indicates all the different interactive elements, since it would be hard to Read more …

Goodnight Coop by BokBok Books

This new book app, by promising new developer BokBok Books, is a delightful bedtime story perfect for the digital age. Goodnight Coop follows the nighttime routine of a chicken coop with a lyrical tale reminiscent of Goodnight Moon and other classic bedtime books. From "the clothes on the line" to "the black and white cat", each line resonates with a sense of importance delicately balanced alongside the simple storyline.

This is truly a classic-in-the-making, giving young readers a chance to settle in for the night with well-paced storytelling. The coop of fluffy hens includes Fran, Peeper, Ginger & Maryanne. They all know when it's time to go inside and settle down for sleep, Read more …

Barnyard Dance - Boynton by Loud Crow Interactive Inc.

Barnyard Dance is the latest Sandra Boynton board book brought to life by app developer Loud Crow Interactive of Vancouver, Canada. The book was originally written 20 years ago, and is the fourth Sandra Boynton Board Book produced by Loud Crow.  When you open the book it is just like you are flipping the pages of a board book, but with some surprises thrown in.

Before you even open the book you see it sitting on a table and you can play the instruments sitting beside it. You can opt to read it yourself or have it read by Bluegrass musician John Stey of Stookil Express.  Traditional hoedown music plays in the background and John calls out the moves as if Read more …

Axel Scheffler's Flip Flap Farm by Nosy Crow Limited

Nosy Crow has done it again with Flip Flap Farm, a companion app to the print book of the same name. Featuring the delightful illustrations of Axel Scheffler, this well-crafted app is sure to please the toddler and preschool set (and their parents). Featuring the tops and bottoms of eleven animals that mix and match, including: dog, mouse, pig, rabbit, goat, squirrel, turkey, sheep, horse, cow, and chicken. This creates a total of 121 possible combinations, along with well-crafted, rhyming text (and an unending stream of giggles).

Young readers will love the whimsy of this app, with creatures like the "Mig" (mouse top, pig bottom) and "Cheep" (chicken top, sheep bottom). A Read more …

Mabel's New Home by Two Big Dads

This book is the first in a series called Mabel's Fables. It is about a little chicken named Mabel who is on her way to a new farm to live. This farm already has an established henhouse with it's own 'pecking order'. When Mabel arrives, all the other chickens take notice.

This is an anxious experience for Mabel, until she is befriended by another chicken, named Frekle. By the end of the story, Mabel has settled into her new home with Frekle's help. My son really enjoyed this sweet tale about adjusting to a new environment, dealing with bullies and making friends. The illustrations appear to be sketched by hand with colored pencils and fit the story nicely. The text feels a little large Read more …

Boquitas: The Hunt for the Chupacabras by Lima Sky

This is a well-crafted storybook app about a family living with a pet chicken named Diva. After criticizing her sister's pet, Candela discovers that Cari's beloved chicken is missing! Could the legendary Chupacabra have gotten to her first? Even Abuela believes in the monster, so when the two sister and their brother Beto venture into the woods to save Diva, many surprises are in store.

This title features great animation, interactivity and music ... but it is not narrated. Available in both English and Spanish within the same app, it is still a great read to share with children or have them read by themselves. With lots of suspense, cartoon-like animations and an engaging storyline, this Read more …

House that Jack built - multilingual interactive book by Mediaprofit

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Little Chickies (Los Pollitos) by Canticos - Sing, Play & Learn with Latino Nursery Rhymes by Encantos Media Studios, Llc

Little Chickies (Los Pollitos) – Sing, Play & Learn with Latino Nursery Rhymes by Encantos Media Studios, Incis the quintessential necessity for all modern day preschoolers of any sociological background. In a time when cultures are being homogenized and nursery tales are losing popularity, along comes Canticos to change all that and remind us just how important it is to keep this heritage going. These nursery rhymes are delivered in 8 different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Hindi, Mandarin and Japanese. The adorable illustrations are a pure delight to both children and parents alike. The gameplay is open-ended, uber creative and Read more …

Old Macdonald Had a Farm Full by Bacciz by Bacciz,LLC

Old MacDonald keeps many animals, eleven in all (see synopsis for full list), in this sing-along story featuring the popular children's tune in verse. This musical app is full of interactivity that will surprise and delight youngsters. You may have "E-I-E-I-O" stuck in your head after playing, but your little ones will be all smiles.

The tune, like many children's songs, may grate on the ears of adults with the many re-playings young children adore, but it is catchy. Animations are simple, but polished movements of the images, adding a fun touch, but the real highlight of this app is the interactivity. Young readers can tap an egg to see a chick hatch, splash mud on the pigs, and even swipe Read more …

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