My Incredible Body - Guide to Learn About the Human Body for Children - Educational Science App with by Zybright LLC

What do my insides look like? How does my brain work? Why does my heart beat? What happens to my food after I swallow it? Children are naturally curious about their bodies, and if you are a parent, chances are you have been asked questions like these. My Incredible Body by Zybright, sister company of award winning developer Visible Body, answers all these questions and more by taking children on a journey inside the human body.

Through the use of beautiful, detailed, and medically correct 3D renderings of the human anatomy, children will be able to learn about their bodies like never before. They will be able to go on a self-guided tour or an app guided tour of the body and make virtual Read more …

Up & Down by Mr. Garamond S.L.

This beautifully illustrated app by Mr. Garamond shows a split screen with images from 'a day in the life' of two children, one in a western setting and the other in an eastern, desert environment. Profits from downloading this application go to Bubisher, a travelling Bus of Books for the children living in Western Saharan refugee camps. The app is available in Spanish, English, French & Arabic, but unlike most multilingual apps, this one lets you select the language for the narration and text separately, meaning you can listen in English with text in Arabic, for instance. This feature makes for a very unique and educational storybook.

The book can be read with or without a game that Read more …

The Going to Bed Book - Sandra Boynton by Loud Crow Interactive Inc.

The Going to Bed Book is a perfect bedtime read created by Loud Crow, the same developer that made PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit. While it is interactive with subtle 'pop-up' style animations, it is short and accompanied by relaxing piano music that is ideal for settling down at nighttime. The print book, published in 1982, is also a chart topper with hundreds of 5-Star reviews at

The book has a similar style to the Peter Rabbit ebook with lots of touchable elements that bounce slightly like a true pop-up book. There are also delightful touches, like water faucets that turn on and off, bubbles that float across the page to be popped with a tap, and even a foam that covers the Read more …

Oh, the Things You Can Do That Are Good For You! (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat) by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

Young readers will love learning with Oh, the Things You Can Do That Are Good For You! (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat). This non-fiction title, published first in print in 2001, was created to give children ages 5-8 the chance to learn about keeping their bodies healthy, with a familiar tour guide, The Cat in the Hat. The learning library series was created in the late 1990's by Random House with a talented team of illustrators, writers & educators, who mimic Seuss's rhyming verse and quirky illustrations beautifully.

And now the Cat-in-the-Hat Learning Library books are available as enhanced books, with the help of Oceanhouse Media. Featuring light Read more …

Sassy Cassie HD by Take 2 Ventures LLC

Sassy Cassie is spunky and creative and nothing is going to stop her from making her mark on the world. Her surprise artistic creation at the end of the book is exasperating, but also lovable. PicPocket Books brings quality children's picture book literature to digital media. Now, children can enjoy their favorites stories on-the-go, even when they do not have a physical book to read.

This interactive CHILDREN'S STORYBOOK app promotes EARLY LEARNING and helps your children develop READING skills by connecting the audio words and sounds with the written word on the page. PicPocket Books offer a unique and new experience, combining the beauty of quality picture books with audio Read more …

Just a Mess - Little Critter by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

Just a Mess by Mercer Mayer was published in print in 2000. It is a beloved story about Little Critter as he tackles the mess in his room after loosing track of his baseball mitt. His 'cleaning' style is a bit chaotic, but in the process of straightening up, he discovers just what he was looking for and also learns that when you make a mess, you have to be the one to clean it up, a good lesson for kids reading along.

Many readers have asked, "What kind of animal is Little Critter?" According to Wikipedia, Mercer Mayer did not specify which type of animal Little Critter is, but "he resembles a hedgehog, hamster or guinea pig." So, basically he's a rodent ... Read more …

All By Myself - Little Critter by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

All by Myself by Mercer Mayer was published in print in 1983. It is a beloved story about Little Critter as he tackles a challenge every young child must take on ... doing things for himself. He is able to get dressed in the morning and brush his fur, being independent all day long. He helps his parents with chores, and even watches his sister before putting on his pajamas at night and brushing his teeth, "all by myself." Little Critter may not always do things perfectly, but he does his best.

Many readers have asked, "What kind of animal is Little Critter?" According to Wikipedia, Mercer Mayer did not specify which type of animal Little Critter is, but "he resembles Read more …

Auracle HD – Miko "No Bath! No Way!" by Auryn, Inc

The Miko series, by talented author Brigitte Weninger, has been among my child's favorites in print for many years, published in the past decade. I especially love the beautiful illustrations of Stephanie Roehe that pair so nicely with the sweet stories in this series. In this title, Miko's doesn't want to take a bath.

Miko's ever patient mother tries to draw him out of his hiding spot, but ultimately lets him go to sleep unwashed. However her solution is that he can sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag instead of his nice clean bed. "It will be like camping!" exclaims Miko, but his enthusiasm wears off after a few minutes of snuggling in his dirty spot on the Read more …

Timor the Alligator by XG Media

Timor the Alligator is a very short but well crafted book about an alligator that doesn't like to brush his teeth. As a result, he has bad breath and some very dirty looking ivories in his mouth. Interactive but not really animated, this app is a perfect read for youngsters with sight words and a simple but important message about dental hygiene.

The app has easy arrow page turning and nice background music. It is not narrated but my Kindergartner surprised me by being able to read nearly every word by himself when we shared this cute title together. The highlight of this book is the interactivity, including nice sound effects as you tap on items found on every page. You can make Timor Read more …

The Berenstain Bears Come Clean for School by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

There have been hundreds of Berenstain Bears stories published since the first one debuted 1962. Come Clean for School is one of HarperCollins square paperback series, first published in print in 2011. According to Wikipedia:

"The books feature a family of anthropomorphic grizzly bears who generally learn a moral or safety-related lesson in the course of each story. Since the 1962 debut of the first Berenstain Bears book, The Big Honey Hunt, the series has grown to over 300 titles, which have sold approximately 260 million copies in 23 languages."

This formula, sometimes criticized for being too moralistically simplistic, has been a fast favorite of Read more …

Does the Queen Brush Her Teeth? by Red Roar Apps

This is a really fun story that is told in the first person by a young girl named Tilly McKnee. She is having tea with the Queen [of England] one rainy day. Suddenly her eyes are drawn to the Queen's teeth and she thinks to herself, "Arghhhhhhhhh the Queen has yellow teeth!" This begins a story where Tilly daydreams about whether or not the Queen brushes her teeth.

Tilly's imagination goes from silly to absurd as she imagines the Queen with tiny servants on ladders in her mouth, people wearing coats made of fur cut off the Queen's teeth and other flights of fancy. The illustrations are colorful and cartoon like in a way that fits the tongue-in-cheek story very well. Almost every Read more …

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