Angelina Ballerina’s New Dance Teacher by HIT Entertainment

Now Universal App! Angelina Ballerina is an adorable mouse who loves to dance, appearing for the first time in 1983 in a series of 20 books by Katherine Holabird and Helen Craig. This app is based on the TV series that began in 2009 on PBS and was digitally animated, making for a perfect 'transmedia' presentation as an interactive digital book. Each page of this well-produced app has stunning animation that is triggered by the tap of a finger, letting children bring their favorite characters to life in a way that is breathtaking within the otherwise still page.

In this story, Angelina gets a new ballet teacher, Miss Mimi, and learns a lot about opening herself up to new ideas about dance. Read more …

The Little Mermaid - Auryn by Auryn Inc.

This digital book version of The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson is based on the well-crafted translation by Anthea Bell with the breath-taking and ethereal illustrations of Lisbeth Zwerger. Anderson originally wrote the tale as a ballet in 1837. This picture book version was published in 1984 to rave reviews. It follows the original tale very closely, with no happy ending. The storytelling makes up for any disappointment, though.

This digital presentation takes an otherwise gorgeous print book and brings it to life. The story is told both underwater and above on land, with pages of the former that look and feel like they are actually submerged in the sea. The effect is Read more …

Miss Spider's Bedtime Story for the iPad by Callaway Digital Arts, Inc.

Miss Spider stars in this popular book series by author David Kirk, and fans of this title on the bookshelf (published in 2006) will want to download a copy of their favorite Miss Spider tale for bedtime in digital form. The 'play' feature is basically an animated movie packaged into the book, lasting over 12 minutes.

Once you are in the reading mode of the book, the interactivity brings the story alive and adds a magical quality to the whole experience. The audio is crisp & lovely with nice, relaxing background music that makes it lovely at bedtime, although there are many games and interactive elements that could be too stimulating for some children.

The pages of the book, under Read more …

Wubbzy's Dance Party by CUPCAKE DIGITAL INC

The Wow Wow Wubbzy’s song is very pretty popular around our household!  It is very catchy what can I say?!  The new Wow! Wow! Wuzzby app by Cupcake Digital is pretty catchy and quite fun as well!  The first page opens up and we can chose between three different color stars – a purple, blue and pink one.  Of course we started out with the purple star and the story starts off.  It was a busy day in Wuzzleburg.  Wubbzy and his friends were getting the Wubb Club ready for the annual dance party.  You can have it read to you or you can read it yourself.  Flying across the first page are two little blue birds that squawk when you Read more …

Prancing Dancing Lily by Fat Red Couch, Inc.

Prancing, Dancing Lily is a universal book app and is based on a print book of the same name, written by Marsha Diane Arnold and illustrated by John Manders. Marsha is the award-winning author of eleven children’s picture books. Prancing, Dancing Lily is inspired by Marsha’s own childhood as she grew up on a farm with Ayrshire cows like Lily. The app also includes a puzzle section, and a scene selector that allows you to easily re-visit favorite pages. It contains no adverts or in-app purchases.

The story starts with an orderly herd of cows marching in for milking time, all except for Lily that is. Lily instead dances and prances about the pasture – Read more …

Sassy Cassie HD by Take 2 Ventures LLC

Sassy Cassie is spunky and creative and nothing is going to stop her from making her mark on the world. Her surprise artistic creation at the end of the book is exasperating, but also lovable. PicPocket Books brings quality children's picture book literature to digital media. Now, children can enjoy their favorites stories on-the-go, even when they do not have a physical book to read.

This interactive CHILDREN'S STORYBOOK app promotes EARLY LEARNING and helps your children develop READING skills by connecting the audio words and sounds with the written word on the page. PicPocket Books offer a unique and new experience, combining the beauty of quality picture books with audio Read more …

Olivia Acts Out by Polin8, LLC

Olivia is an adorable pig introduced to readers originally through the print books of Ian Falconer a decade ago. This digital title is adapted from a print book published in 2009, based on the more recent animated series from Nickelodeon. In this story Olivia has the chance to be in the school play but is disappointed that she is in a minor role. She handles it with grace and a bit of star power in the end.

The book is solidly made with swipe-style page turns and text in a drop-down box. The text is rather small and I would have liked to see highlighting as narrated, but I did appreciate that you could remove the text to see more of the whole picture. The app also contains an animated video Read more …

When I Grow Up - Little Critter by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

When I Grow Up - Little Critter by Mercer Mayer is part of a sub-series of Little Critter titles that feature his cute little sister. Published in print in 1991, this adorable story shares a young girl's dreams for her future, including becoming a ballet dancer, truck driver and baker of tasty treats. In the end, she is reminded that she is getting hungry. When mom answers that dinner will be, "Liver and beans," she thinks to herself, "I can't wait until I grow up!" The digital version of this book also adds a new twist, keeping track as the young reader tries to find all 20 of the little cats that Mayer has hidden in his detailed illustrations.

Many readers have asked, "What kind of animal Read more …

Papa's Boy by Tapisodes Ltd.

Papa's Boy is a beautifully hand-drawn digital book about a father coming to terms with his child's interests. The father mouse was a boxing hero (among mice) and wishes his son was more like him. The boy instead dances ballet, even wearing a pink tutu and pointe shoes as he pirouettes about his room. Papa laments that this wasn't how life was supposed to be as he stares at the trophies and posters of his own youth.

The little boy, however, shows how valuable his skills really are one day when Papa gets trapped by the cat that lives in the toy shop where they reside. The son twirls and jumps in perfect time to the player piano, distracting the cat and helping both his dad and himself escape Read more …

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