Miss Spider's Tea Party by Callaway Digital Arts, Inc.

Miss Spider's Tea Party is a book series by author David Kirk, and fans of this title on the bookshelf will want to download a copy of their favorite Miss Spider in digital form. It's really a computer animated jewel. The 'play' feature is basically a movie packaged into the book, lasting nearly 6 minutes.

Once you are in the reading mode of the book, the interactivity brings the story alive and adds a magical quality to the whole experience. The audio is crisp & lovely with nice, relaxing background music that makes it okay at bedtime, if you can keep your child away from all the games and don't find the interactive elements too stimulating.

The pages of the book version (under "Read") Read more …

Sassy Cassie HD by Take 2 Ventures LLC

Sassy Cassie is spunky and creative and nothing is going to stop her from making her mark on the world. Her surprise artistic creation at the end of the book is exasperating, but also lovable. PicPocket Books brings quality children's picture book literature to digital media. Now, children can enjoy their favorites stories on-the-go, even when they do not have a physical book to read.

This interactive CHILDREN'S STORYBOOK app promotes EARLY LEARNING and helps your children develop READING skills by connecting the audio words and sounds with the written word on the page. PicPocket Books offer a unique and new experience, combining the beauty of quality picture books with audio Read more …

Mrs. Gigglebelly is Coming for Tea by Dipali Vaidya

This is a delightful storybook published in print in 1990. It features a darling little girl named Elizabeth Ann who is convinced her friend, Mrs. Gigglebelly, will join her for tea despite her mother's protests that there isn't time to prepare. As the little girl plans for her guest, her mother frantically tries to finish spring cleaning. While her mother beats the rugs, washes the windows and attends to many household chores, the little girl waits ... and waits.

Then finally 'Mrs. Gigglebelly' arrives. Unbeknownst to Elizabeth Ann, it is her mother who actually is all dressed up in several props from the house, including a lampshade that covers her face. Now her mother's anxiety and Read more …

Astrid & Siri by Arctic Star LLC

This is an adorable book app starring a girl named Astrid and her little friend Siri, an Artic fox. Astrid has a strand of magical purple thread and a talent for making clothing for the animals of the forest. Her designs are imaginative and include a series of outfits for the sheep, made from their own wool. She calls her designs the "Arctic Fairytale" collection, made for her Midsummer's Eve soiree.

This is one of those very interactive books that is a lot of fun for kids but may not necessarily enhance story comprehension. There are lots of cool 'magical' effects, like dragging a little needle & thread over many of the images, revealing the handmade costumes. The animals are also Read more …

A Very Busy Week, Stories from Tilly's Number Town by 123 Number Fun Pty Ltd

A Very Busy Week is part of a series of app books by Jane Hague. This Australian series is set in a town with many interesting characters - all numbered. For instance there is Tilly Two herself and Policeman Ernie Eight. The main character of this story is Nurse Trixie Six who is the one having 'a very busy week'.

In this book the nurse has so many patients that she can hardly keep up, including an outbreak of the measles in the Kindergarten. Soon even the nurse herself is sick, covered in red dots. Before becoming ill, she treats many patients, including the fisherman, policeman and bee keeper. She even helps Tilly Two by sewing her toy bear's eye back on.

As a digital book, this title is Read more …

The Lettermen go to School by SN Squared Limited

This fun digital storybook under the category "Education" is interactive in a way that not only makes reading fun, but reinforces spelling, reading and sight words. The 'lettermen' themselves are simple but engaging cartoon letters with hands and feet. They are very appealing to kids and have great expressions that match the words they are forming on each page.

This tale has the 'lettermen' visiting a farm for the day. The narration, a British English speaker, is crisp and clear. The Lettermen was a series of books created in the late 1980's by Roger Knights. This book was published in print in 1993. According to the information page in the book, "It was never intended to be an Read more …

Does the Queen Brush Her Teeth? by Red Roar Apps

This is a really fun story that is told in the first person by a young girl named Tilly McKnee. She is having tea with the Queen [of England] one rainy day. Suddenly her eyes are drawn to the Queen's teeth and she thinks to herself, "Arghhhhhhhhh the Queen has yellow teeth!" This begins a story where Tilly daydreams about whether or not the Queen brushes her teeth.

Tilly's imagination goes from silly to absurd as she imagines the Queen with tiny servants on ladders in her mouth, people wearing coats made of fur cut off the Queen's teeth and other flights of fancy. The illustrations are colorful and cartoon like in a way that fits the tongue-in-cheek story very well. Almost every Read more …

Chipper's Rainy Day by

With polished animation, delightful interactivity and a short but sweet adventure story, Chipper's Rainy Day, has everything a young reader could wish for in a storybook app. Every one of the pages has animated and interactive elements featuring an adorable mouse-character named Chipper.

It is a rainy day and Chipper is excited ... but readers need to help him decide what to do next. As the story progresses, four opportunities are presented that let the reader 'choose their own adventure' by picking one of three options. This gives children a wonderful way to engage with the story. It also gives this app exceptional re-play value. The choices are whimsical, too ... like building a fort Read more …

Treetop Ted by Bronwyn Callander

"Treetop Ted, Treetop Ted, what's that thing on top of your head?" begins this cute title. Featuring light animation and interactivity, Treetop Ted will enchant young readers and listeners with its lovely pacing and fun rhymes. The bright, colorful illustrations are simple but engaging in a way that makes this book perfect for the under six set.

Ted is a green stick figure with a branched "tree-top" head ... but he can get no peace, not even a minute to enjoy his tea. Bugs in all shapes, sizes and noises make a home on his head, annoying poor Ted and making him feel "itchy, twitchy, scritchy, scratchy." These fun words are great for teaching about onomatopoeia, or words that mimic real Read more …

Round Is A Mooncake HD by Take 2 Ventures LLC

This sweet picture book app for young readers is based on a well-loved print title, published in 2000. With just a few tappable sounds, PicPocket Books has created a faithful digital retelling of Roseanne Thong's delightful story about a little girl exploring her cultural environment. Told in the first person, the little Chinese girl names all the round (e.g. lantern, fishbowl, rice bowls, cups of tea), square (e.g. checkerboard, tofu cakes, dim sum, window), and rectangular (e.g. inking stones, mobile phone, Chinese lace, sack of rice, lucky money, books) items. After each series the narrator asks the reader to find more things that shape, creating a nice opportunity for Read more …

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