Song for Miles iPad by Diverse Mobile, LLC

A Song for Miles, by Tiffany Simpkins Russell, PhD with illustrations by Raheli Scarborough is a born-digital title (published initially as an eBook and book app with no paper version) in August of 2011. It is available as a digital book without enhancements (as a Kindle eBook) in addition to this app version. At the time it was promoted as the "First Black Digital Storybook Available in the AppStore," by It is also a wonderful title for children from all backgrounds, for musical exploration and an understanding of the role of art history in our cultural experience. The app is not animated and only very lightly interactive, with a few sound 'sprites', but links Read more …

One Globe Kids – children’s stories from around the world by Round by Design LLC

One Globe Kids – children’s stories from around the world, by Round by Design, has found a unique and undiscovered niche in the educational market and we think that they are onto something big! Children can “visit” friends from around the world and learn how different cultures operate. There are a total of eight friends at this time: Gabou and Valdo from Haiti, Jenissa from Burundi, Floor and Lars from The Netherlands, Luna and Lucian from NYC, and Aji from Indonesia.  The developer,Anne Glick, plans to be adding more friends periodically and has two in the works right now. Each child tells their story of life, in a typical day format. The Read more …

I Can Do It Too! HD by Take 2 Ventures LLC

This short but sweet picture book app by Karen Baicker is aimed at very young readers and listeners, featuring a young African-American girl and her family. It is based on a well-loved print title, published in 2003, followed by a board book version in 2010. With just a few tappable sounds, PicPocket Books has created a faithful digital retelling, with all the charm of a classic picture book. The little girl narrates the story in the first person, sharing scenes with each of her family members, from mom and dad, siblings, grandparents, her uncle, plus friends and neighbors. Each scene shows the older person doing something 'big' like pouring juice, zipping clothes, cooking, Read more …

Kiwaka Story by Landkae, Lda

We begin our story in Kiwaka, isolated deep in the African jungle, where we meet four fantastical animal friends:

  • A brightly colored toucan, Tuka
  • A slithery, sly snake, Shaka
  • A pink elephant, Kudi
  • A bright, blue crocodile, Kwilu

The four made up an unlikely group of friends who loved to spend nights stargazing together. The friends knew that the stars in the sky formed constellations, but they didn’t know much about them and they wanted to learn more. Tuka remembered a legend that fireflies carried the light of the stars…maybe the fireflies in Kiwaka could tell the friends more.

Sure enough, the fireflies were able to share stories with the group of friends and begin to Read more …

Aiden and the Apple Tree by Michelle Anaya

Aiden and the Apple Tree, by Jonathan Kelly, is a story within a story, about a young boy in Jamaica who tries to steal a mango from the JuiceMan at his fruit juice stand. Instead of a scolding, young James is treated to a moral story about a boy named Aiden and an 'otaheite' apple tree. These tropical fruits are native to Malaysia and also called "Mountain Apples", but they have been exported to many parts of the Caribbean.

With a combination of slight animation, sound sprites and other light enhancement, this tale for children 6-10 has ample settings, including a page guide and flexible audio controls. The book can be set-up for narrated reading (with highlighting phrase by phrase) or Read more …

Dentist Bird: A West African Folktale by LITERARY SAFARI INC

Dentist Bird: A West African Folktale by Literary Safari Inc. is a wonderful story to share with young children and is a must have app for anyone teaching diversity, compassion, and empathy. The book was written and retold by Michael Richards and has been illustrated by David Wolobah, he applies oil paint to denim with knife and palette for a distinct and original style that enriches the story ten-fold. If you are as intrigued with the art work as we were, watch this moving interview with the Liberian artist here. The awesome story contains surprising visuals and a cacophony of animal sounds throughout, couple this with a Read more …

Three Blind Mice HD by PicPocket Books

This ebook app is based on Wooleycat's Musical Theater, a book with audio cd that was previously published in print. The book contained 10 stories with songs, and this tale of "Three Blind Mice on Vacation in Africa" is one of the story-songs from the original 2003 edition.

The song and story are whimsical, telling a variation on the fable of 3 blind men and an elephant. Each blind man (or mouse in this case) touches a different part of the animal, and all mistake it for something else. The story is often used as a analogy for the importance of communication and why we need to see the 'whole picture' to really understand something.

As a musical tale, this storybook is very catchy. The Read more …

Collins Big Cat: Around the World Story Creator by Harper Collins Publishers Limited

The Collins Big Cat series was created in the past decade by UK based Collins Education, the third-largest educational publishing house in the United Kingdom, and an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers. Around the World, based on the print title by James Carter with illustrations from Cliff Moon, was published in 2007. According to the description:

"Traversing across the world by train, boat and plane, the two children in this story poem encounter the extremes of sun and snow travelling to Africa, India and China. The book begins with a poem, before revealing their journey's details, and repetitive questions encourage the reader to turn the page and continue Read more …

Grandma's Great Gourd by LITERARY SAFARI INC

Grandma’s Great Gourd by Literary Safari is an enchanting story about courage and the ability to stay calm when the world spins out of control around you. A story in the great format of encountering tricksters, this folktale from Bengal, teaches about “reading” one’s environment and dealing with the here and now. The graphics are presented in a rich array of images and patterns in an active kinetic collage. Simply put, the app is gorgeous and one where you can begin to feel the beat and rhythm of the countryside of Bengal through its narration and soundtrack.  The verse also contains the repetition of lines encouraging kids to shout out the known Read more …

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