A Fine Musician by The Trustee for the Tokeru Trust

"On a very fine day, ratta tat ratta tat. With his drum and his hat, ratta tat ratta tat. He came into town and he walked down the street as he drummed out a beat ratta tat ratta tat," begins this enchanting musical storybook for the iPad. It captures the romance of a walled European city in its sepia pages with tidy narrow streets, people milling about, bicyclists and street vendors. Yet the whole book feels modern in its own way. If you tap the menu bar below any page, you can even see the whole book laid out, page against page.  Look closely and you will see that it connects into a complete picture of the musician's walk through this lively little village.

This is not just a book Read more …

X is for X-Ray (iPad) by Touch Press LLP

With titles for older readers like The Elements, The Wasteland, The Solar System, March of the Dinosaurs and more, Touch Press has a reputation for innovative apps that take exploration to a whole new level. X is for X-Ray is no exception, showcasing the ABCs in a unique way that goes beyond the usual alliteration found in alphabet books. It's truly a book that a child could enjoy at 4 and again at 14 for totally different reasons.

The cover page is an A-Z list of images that bounce, spin and make noise to attract tapping fingers. Start anywhere, from Accordion to Zipper, or page through the objects alphabetically using a nice guide that appears at the bottom. To see each item, simply tap Read more …

Juno's Musical ABCs HD by The Juno Company

Juno's Musical ABC's is one of the nicest ABC book apps in the App Store. Not only does it present the alphabet in a fun and engaging way but it simultaneously teaches about dozens of different musical instruments, sounds and musical concepts. It also features high-quality sounds to go along with every instrument introduced and delightful graphics of adorable felt characters. The narration is also lovely, and that familiar voice turns out to be none other than Brooke Shields.

Each page features a letter as well as simple interactivity that allows the child to touch the images on the page to see and hear the word (like applause, bassoon, clarinet, etc.) that is emphasized in that page's Read more …

Gorilla Band 3D story book with music - Wasabi Productions by Wasabi Productions Pty Ltd

From Graham Nunn, creator of the Larry Lizard series of apps, another interactive tale with a musical theme swings into young readers hearts. Each player in this 'jungle music school' has a different instrument and despite initial reluctance to practice with their teacher, they develop a sense of both rhythm and teamwork. In the end, they form a cohesive group and play an original tune called "Gorilla Band".

The enhancements in this title are both fun and well-paced for young readers ages 2-6. Nice highlighting is timed with the narration, word-for-word, including sing-along music video extras. Readers can get more into the story by tapping the characters for additional dialog. Read more …

Jamaroos Musical ABCs by Iggy Learning LLC

Jamaroos Musical ABCs is a fun new ABC app, inspired by characters from a storybook app series. Readers can whet their appetites for these cute animals with a musical version of the whole alphabet; it's pitch-perfect, featuring "104 words, 416 movable icons and 26 original musical performances." For an ABC app, this one is chock-full of content, beginning with a drum image with a scrolling alphabet below. Touch and hold any one of the letters, then drag it to the center of the drum for a musical, literacy treat.

This lovely app from Iggy Learning has polished audio that shows off an assortment of musical instruments. Each screen includes several sentences, using 3-4 words in context, Read more …

Just a Little Music - Little Critter by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
Just A Little Music by Mercer Mayer is one of the new adventures in the Little Critter series, published in print in 2009. In this title, Little Critter wants to learn to play the drums after seeing a marching band in a parade. The digital version of this book also adds a new twist, keeping track as the young reader tries to find all 19 of the little mice and spiders hidden on nearly every page.
Many readers have asked, "What kind of animal is Little Critter?" According to Wikipedia, Mercer Mayer did not specify which type of animal the Little Critter is, but, "he resembles a hedgehog, hamster or guinea pig." So, basically he's a rodent ... although a rather lovable one! Over 200 Read more …
Monster Jam by Michelle Anaya

Created by Blue Sandpiper Imprints, this monster-themed and musical book app has engaging illustrations from Victor Guiza (illustrator of Treasure Kai series). The interactivity & light animation are fun, but the story itself is the highlight, featuring a tween-friendly plot about a garage band with monster youth as characters. From lead singer Axe, his monster friends Banger and JD, to lead singer Skyler (who loses her voice in this episode) and Stones (a monster who has zit-like geodes adorning his body), this is one talented gang. In-app games include a simple tic-tac-toe game and also the ability to play the band's instruments, including a piano, guitar and drum set. While the Read more …

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