Cool to be Clever: Edson Hendricks by Trelawny Consulting Group Ltd.

Based on the print title, published in 2011, this book app is an inspirational read for kids ages 8 and up. It is absolutely packed with top notch educational content, presented in an intuitive app that is polished and engaging. Text can be read or listened to, although the reading level is roughly for ages 8-12+. The print title retails for nearly $20, so this app is also an exceptional value. Older readers, including adults, will enjoy the history, science and inspirational messages found in this digital book. 

The structure of this app is fun to explore, with sections that include videos, music and narrated segments about topics like bulling, how the Internet was invented Read more …

Little Bird by AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o.

This educational title is a must-download for little ones learning about Internet safety. Little Bird is on her way to wish her grandma a happy birthday over the computer. With the help of her parents, Little Bird has learned how to be safe while online so she shares her tips with several of her animal friends on her way home. Presented in a lightly interactive and animated storybook app, young children will not only enjoy this book, but will also learn a lesson that can serve them for a lifetime of digital exploration.

Topics include how to deal with pop-ups, requests for personal information, on-line bullies and spam websites, as well as the constant refrain, "tell your parents" or "ask Read more …

Professor Garfield Forms of Media by Paws Incorporated

The Professor Garfield apps from Infinite Learning Lab, a popular non-profit foundation with a great website for kids content, is one of those free series that came out early in the launch of the iPad. I don't know how I managed to miss this exceptional set of titles. Recently, my 6 year old became a rather fluent reader and has been obsessed with the Garfield cartoon books from our local library.

So I decided to just search the app store for other "Garfield" content in the hopes of treating my 6-year old to something fun on Christmas morning. When I discovered the four-app series from Paws Inc. under the education category, and free, I was truly stunned. These four totally FREE apps Read more …

Messy Mia - Tales and Stories of the Ancient Tech with Trivia Picture Quiz for Kids by AvatarGeneration Ltd


Can your kids (or even yourself) have fun without internet or technology? How do you usually entertain yourselves? Do we depend so much on technology that losing it, even for a moment, irritates us and causes disruption to our lives? That’s definitely the case for Mia’s mom. She was angry when she couldn’t find the television remote and ordered Mia to tidy her messy room and look for the remote. But Messy Mia & The Tale of Ancient Tech by AvatarGeneration is more about how technology has evolved over the past generation than how we have become more reliant on technology in our daily lives.


While searching for the remote, Mia met a knowledgeable robot who Read more …

The Berenstain Bears Computer Trouble by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

There have been hundreds of Berenstain Bears stories published since the first one debuted 1962. Computer Trouble is one of HarperCollins square paperback series, first published in print in 2010. According to Wikipedia:

"The books feature a family of anthropomorphic grizzly bears who generally learn a moral or safety-related lesson in the course of each story. Since the 1962 debut of the first Berenstain Bears book, The Big Honey Hunt, the series has grown to over 300 titles, which have sold approximately 260 million copies in 23 languages."

This formula, sometimes criticized for being too moralistically simplistic, has been a fast Read more …

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