So Many Stars – Andy Warhol by Bugaboo International B.V.

This extraordinary picture book app is based on the board book by the same name, published in print in 2013. So Many Stars is a whimsical and nearly wordless celebration of the artistic vision of Andy Warhol. According to the developers, the "So" series of illustrations created by Warhol was intended to:

" ... explore the concept of ‘So,’ including You Are So Big, You Are So Small, So Sweet, and I Love You So. Filled with sweet phrases that will enthrall parents and children alike, Warhol’s So Many Stars is a terrific introduction to an iconic modern artist. These illustrations are bundled in a unique ‘So’ book for children."

Featuring beautifully timed Read more …

The Artist Mortimer by OC Graphics

The Artist Who Stole Bits of The World is an original storybook app with text and artwork by Bo Zaunders. It was created with OCG Studios "Develop Your Own (DYO)" book app creation tool. It is a charming story about an artist who has a unique ability to capture whatever he paints permanently on his canvas. If he paints the ocean, he carries away all the water when he takes his masterpiece home, for instance. Soon everyone insists he stop painting until Mortimer finds a unique solution that will enchant readers age 4 and up.

This app is lightly animated and interactive, with nice hints for many of the touch-points. It has ample settings to adjust the music, sound effects and narration, which Read more …

Starting Shakespeare by Beyond the Backyard Productions Pty Ltd

Starting Shakespeare, by Deeper Richer, is a brilliant new addition to the app store; this 21st century rendition would make William proud. This app does what most teachers fail to do, make Shakespeare easily accessible to younger students and clarify the story-lines without ever giving up any of Shakespeare’s original integrity.

Starting Shakespeare explores both the world and work of William Shakespeare using two of his best-loved and most popular plays, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Macbeth. I admire this Australian based development team for producing this state of the art teaching tool and hope to spread the word far and wide. Get this this one out to the kids! Read more …

Auryn – Van Gogh and the Sunflowers by Auryn, Inc

Van Gogh and the Sunflowers is an extraordinary app with unique interactivity. The characters in this book, based on a gorgeous print title published in 2007, are all in motion. Characters in the story run, work and paint in scenes that can also be viewed (just tap the settings button) with their inner-workings exposed. You can see the mechanism behind the motion in a way that is very similar to Three Little Pigs and the Secrets of a Popup Book - a very cool effect.

The book is about a boy named Camille who lives in a village where sunflowers grow wild. One day a strange man arrives in town and begins to paint. Camille's family befriends the poor traveler, Vincent van Read more …

The Four Seasons: A Vivaldi Storybook by Infinite Fermata LLC

The Four Seasons: A Vivaldi Storybook, by Infinite Fermata, is a darling introduction for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners to get familiar with and develop a love of classical music. Set to the four seasons in all their glory gives this interactive storybook the added bonus of a long shelf life.

There’s also many gorgeous collage-like illustrations by, Akiko McQuerrey, displaying animals and the natural world! From badger brushing his teeth in the winter to finding the missing gosling in spring the story progresses to dancing sunflowers and bees pollinating to the skateboarding squirrels gathering acorns in the fall in preparation for the Read more …

World Of Liberty “Paintings, Planes and Pioneers” by World of Liberty, LLC

World Of Liberty “Paintings, Planes and Pioneers” is the third app in the series by World of Liberty.   Each of these interactive storybooks takes you on an adventure which involves the United States and a country connection to another country.  Other apps in the series includeIt’s Raining Pumpkins in Delaware and Chicago’s Green River Leads to the Emerald Isle!.  These  universal apps for iOS encourage kids to learn about history in a fun way that doesn’t make them realize they are learning.  This adventure features the state of Kansas and a school field trip to the Air and Space Museum where Liberty learns about Amelia Read more …

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