Green Eggs and Ham - Read & Learn - Dr. Seuss by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

Green Eggs and Ham - Read & Learn is part of a new app series based on the beloved early reader classics from Dr. Seuss. We love this newly updated "Read & Learn" format, from the talented team at Oceanhouse Media. Launched in 2009, this developer has produced hundreds of high-quality apps for young readers, including all of the titles from Dr. Seuss.

This new version of Green Eggs and Ham will not disappoint, but what is different in this title? How has "Read & Learn" improved or changed the digital reading experience? If you have seen earlier Dr. Seuss book apps, you'll know that most of the titles have little or no animation and limited interactivity. These Read more …

The Truly Great Noodle by Grids Interactive, LLC

This is a tremendous iPad book app from a new developer, Grids Interactive. It is the simple but hilarious story of a little boy named Nate, who is attempting to eat one long noodle that has wound its way around town. This noodle gets into some pretty dirty places, including winding through a cat box & the stall of a farting pig. Nate himself also burps and turns green, but the off-color humor hits just the right note of gross for its target audience; my little boy loved this book and the noodle that just seemed to go on and on.

The interactivity is top notch, with dozens of elements on every page that respond to a tap. The animations are humorous & irreverent although not Read more …

Food Fight! - An Interactive Book by Glenn Melenhorst by Jelly Biscuits

Tim is a little boy that loves to eat only sausages and Sammy is a little sausage (living on a planet far away) that loves to eat little boys. Both have parents trying to push vegetables. Then their worlds collide when Sammy comes to earth in a rocket. The boys have a stand off and finally both decide to give up their favorite food. But what will the two enemies-turned-friends eat now? Brussels sprouts, of course!

Food Fight! is a phenomenal book app that is as funny as it is fun to play with. It has high-quality computer animation and vivid illustrations that really enhance the reading experience. It is also interactive, but not in a way that distracts from the story. There are lots of Read more …

Midnight Feast by Dan Hare

Midnight Feast is another exquisite tale from the creators of The Artifacts. Complex and hauntingly beautiful, the story follows the night-time imagination of a young teen who longs to stay up past her bedtime for what she pictures is a vast banquet. Gorgeous illustrations and beautifully paced interactive dialog create an immersive reading experience for readers ages nine and up. Polished production values, thoughtful settings and the inclusion of close reading notes round out this stellar new title.

Tapping is not so much for exploring randomly in this app but an extension of the reading experience. Your fingers absorb part of the story by unlocking it, deepening your understanding of the Read more …

Feed-’Em Fred (The Chef of Dread) interactive storybook (for iPad) by Digital Leaf Ltd.

From publisher Digital Leaf comes a tasty storybook app for the pickiest eaters. Feed 'em Fred, The Chef of Dread is about a boy named William who won't eat his veggies and fruit. He eats kid-friendly foods only, like chips and coco pops and even the occasional breaded fishstick, but nothing adventurous. His mom tries all kinds of gourmet options until the arrival of Fred.

Fred is summoned by William's mom at the recommendation of a neighbor, giving readers a fun interactive page where they dial mom's cellphone. When he arrives, he makes recipes that are beyond adventurous. Fred's specialties are things like snake marinated in sheep's blood or cockroach pizza. William turns up his Read more …

Pancake Pandemonium by Digital Leaf Ltd.

This app does not yet have a written review. Please click on the 'star ratings' tab above, to see how we rated this app in 9 categories.

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Veggie Bottoms by Red Card Studios, LLC

Featuring polished animation and some of the most adorable vegetables you'll ever eat (err ... I mean meet), Veggie Bottoms (Vol. 1) is a treat on any touch screen. With well-crafted text and expressive artwork by Phil Etting, this short but sweet title will enchant young readers while encouraging healthy eating. I can only hope to see some of these characters in future books - they are just that cute! You'll meet: Medford Theodore Eggplant, The Snap Brothers (peas), Thomas P. Coconut, Georgia Beet, John Lemon, Sophia Broccoli, Gus Phineas Asparagus, Ralph Peanut, Kent Blueberry, Charles Chard III, Forelle Pear and Earl and Harold Kiwi.

The interactivity in this app is also stellar, Read more …

Slice of Bread goes to the Beach by Grant Adam

This is another phenomenal book app from Jelly Biscuits, makers of Food Fight!. Like their previous book app by Glenn Melenhorst, this title is fun but also cognizant of the adult reading alongside the child. With subtle humor, a tale unfolds about an anthropomorphized slice of bread who drives a toaster-mobile and likes to hunt for treasure by digging in the sand at the beach. He's hoping to find the match to his latest find - a single red sandal, the right one.

The story has great attention to detail, so when Slice of Bread is digging, he pulls up all sorts of things most of us would be excited to find ... like jewels, bags of cash, trophies and even a treasure chest full of gold (I guess Read more …

Violet and the Candy Thief - Interactive Halloween Storybook by Black Dog Books, LLC

In this new adventure about a little girl who has an alter-ego she calls “Phantom Girl”, readers have a new mystery to solve. Who is eating all the candy? Children will love exploring this interactive gem of a book. It features very light animation paired with great storytelling and a charming main character. There’s lots to play with in this sort-of scary & super-fun read!

This title is one of over a dozen titles briefly reviewed for a special post, "Enhanced Spookiness! Top 10 iPad Book Apps for Halloween"

Kalley's Machine Plus Cats by RocketWagon, LLC

It’s a book.  It’s a machine.  It’s a book machine.  Kalley’s Machine Plus Cats by Rocket Wagon is a beautiful and brilliant storybook app unlike any I have ever seen.  It is a true story about a little girl who wished her Dad could stay home with her instead of having to go to work, so she cleverly designed a machine that she believed would make her wish come true.  She knew that one reason her Dad had to work was so they could have food to eat and she thought that if she built a machine that could make food, then her Dad would not have to work anymore.  This little girl is the daughter of the author and developer of this app.  He Read more …

Monsters Behave! A mischievous meal of language, learning and laughter... by Linguino GmbH

Poor Momma Monster. She has her hands full with six monster children who have the worst manners in the entire monster town. Thankfully, your young elementary student is here to save the day and help each of them learn a thing or two inside this sweet app. And each monster has some early literacy skills to teach your manner master in the meantime. (Say that ten times fast. I dare you.)

The app opens up to the main screen, where your app user can either enter the parent section (which is well protected by math problems so difficult I missed the first answer and had to use my fingers on the second), or straight into the app itself. A short video self-plays introducing mother monster's Read more …

The Bugabees by FlyingWord, Inc.

Based on the 2009 print title by Amy Recob, this sweet storybook is now available as an app with interactive enhancements and games about each of the food allergies explored in the narrative. The story features common situations where children with food allergies might face difficulties, like attending a birthday party, trick-or-treating and eating in the school cafeteria. In each situation, the bug character models a great attitude by responding, "No thank you, It's really okay. I can still have lots of fun without [name of allergic food] anyway." Adorable children's voices narrate the bugs' voices, which highlight word-for-word

This story is told in nicely crafted rhyming verse, with Read more …

Collins Big Cat: The Farmer’s Lunch Story Creator by Harper Collins Publishers Limited

The Collins Big Cat series was created in the past decade by UK based Collins Education, the third-largest educational publishing house in the United Kingdom, and an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers. The Farmer's Lunch, based on the print title by Paul Shipton, was published in 2009. According to the description:

"It's lunchtime and the farmer's hungry, but his lunch box is empty! He turns to all the animals on his farm for help, the sheep, cows, horses and geese, but they are all being very secretive. Are they hiding his lunch, or a much bigger and better surprise? The delightful illustrations develop the text, providing lots of points for discussion." Read more …

Battle With The Bugs by PicPocket Books

"Battle with the Bugs" is from the Human Body Detectives (HBD) series, created by Heather Manley, a Naturopath and mom. She designed this series to educate kids in a fun way about their bodies. In the first story, "The Lucky Escape", two sisters end up taking a detailed trip down the digestive system to find out what's wrong with their baby brother. In this title, the girls do their detective work inside the body of their little cousin, whose immune system is working hard to battle a virus. The girls take their older cousin on their journey, introducing him to their adventures inside an immune system battle.

Print versions of each of the HBD titles were released with audio CD's and Read more …

A Day in the Market by Adarna House, Inc.

Published in print in 2008 by May Tobias-Papa, A Day in the Market won the Philippine's National Children’s Book Award for Best Reads in 2010. As a digital app, it has light animation and some nicely tailored interactivity. There are also a couple simple games that tie into this charming narrative, exploring a traditional market in Southeast Asia. The story is told in the first person by a young Filipino girl who is excited to travel with her 'nanay' (Filipino for mommy/mummy) on Market Day. The pair rides a bus that bounces along before exploring the crowded stalls of fresh meats, fish and produce.

Beautifully illustrated pages and a lovingly crafted narrative expose young Read more …

A Bear Ate All The Brussels Sprouts by Bite Studio Limited

A Bear Ate All The Brussels Sprouts is a wonderful interactive book app about a little boy and some tall tales at dinner time. Little Timmy claims several wild animals have eaten all his least favorite foods ... that is until his mom threatens no dessert (because it was eaten by imaginary animals, too). Told in delightful rhyme with attractive original illustrations, this book will please both adults & kids with its light animation, creative interactivity and whimsical story.

The interactive elements were a hit with my little boy, but also reinforced the storyline. The bear (that ate the brussels sprouts) sits in a thought bubble and gobbles up sprouts if you flick them off Timmy's Read more …

Brave Rooney and the Super-Sized Superheroes - Soccer, Healthy eating, and more - Bacciz by Bacciz,LLC

Brave Rooney is an ordinary boy in an extraordinary situation. In this 2nd title by Bacciz Apps, about eating healthy, Rooney once again goes to school in Magesticville, a place where everyone is a super-hero. But Rooney lives on the border with Normalville and is decidely not super at anything. The school even has to hire a school nurse for the first time, just for Rooney. No one had ever gotten sick before he attended. But despite his struggles to fit in, Rooney turns out to have one thing the other 'super' kids do not, making him a hero of sorts for a unique kind of bravery. But then one day the other kids begin to get obsessed with a new game involving eating as much as anyone can Read more …

The Best Teacher Ever - Little Critter by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
The Best Teacher Ever by Mercer Mayer is one of the new adventure with Little Critter, published in print in 2008. In this title, Little Critter tells readers about his favorite teacher, Miss Kitty and all the wonderful things she does for her students each day (which thankfully includes not playing 'cat & mouse' her rodent pupils). The digital version of this book also adds a new twist, keeping track as the young reader tries to find 15 of the little mice and 16 of the spiders, hidden on nearly every page.
Many readers have asked, "What kind of animal is Little Critter?" According to Wikipedia, Mercer Mayer did not specify which type of animal the Little Critter is, but, "he Read more …
Scrambled Eggs Super! - Dr. Seuss by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

Scrambled Eggs Super! - Dr. Seuss from Oceanhouse Media, was published in print in 1953, early in Geisel's prolific career. The story is about a boy (Peter T. Hooper) who suggests that 'just for a change', it would be interesting to scramble a variety of exotic bird eggs for the dish. Most (if not all) of these suggestions involve whimsical, imaginative and non-existent creatures that hover beautifully between the realm of birds and dinosaurs, with just the right touch of anthropomorphized characteristics to make them deeply engaging and relatable. According to Wikipedia:

"At the beginning of the story, Peter T. Hooper brags to a girl, Liz, in his mother's kitchen about how Read more …

Kung Fu Robot by Propaganda3, Inc.

This graphic-novel style app presents an entirely unique and deeply engaging story for older readers, ages six and up. iTunes categorizes this app as 9+ for "Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence" but I tend to agree with this review from one of my favorite sites,, by Heather Hetler: "Kung Fu Robot is violent by using nunchucks against chunky peanut butter and swatting away ninjas (from stealing his sandwich) with ninja spray (aka Dad's deodorant!) and a broom in the "Whack-a-Ninja" game. I think it's totally appropriate for even my almost-6 year old daughter."

"Kung Fu Robot has to save the world from ... from a kung-fu sized appetite!" This hip app story is Read more …

Green Eggs and Ham - Dr. Seuss by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

Green Eggs and Ham is one of many titles to come to the iPad/iPhone from Oceanhouse Media. It is solidly made and takes the emphasis on sight words for 'learner readers' to the next level in this digital version of a Seuss classic. The story is narrated and features the original images from the book.

It also has lots of sound effects, including the sound of chewing and swallowing when Sam-I-Am finally realizes how much he really likes green eggs & ham. My son found this sound delightful, however I did find it pretty unpleasant. I'm not sure if that was the effect they were going for, but it certainly has kid-appeal. And thankfully sound effects can be turned off in the settings menu.

Read more …

Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes - kids storybook by Lucia Masciullo

'Red Hood' is a little girl who is on her way to Grandma's in Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes. The story follows the initial plot of the familiar story of Little Red Riding Hood. The wolf even seems rather mischievous. But the similarities to the familiar, and rather gruesome folktale, end there.

The wolf in this story is a vegetarian and distracts Grandma with a free bingo ticket so he can challenge the little girl to a chess match. Just as Mr. Wolf wins at chess (and is about to devour his earned reward of ginger cupcakes), a passing entomologist bursts in to discover the pair. The scientist and the reader then simultaneously discover that nothing scarier than ginger crumbs is going Read more …

Maid Marian Muffins by Maid Marian Muffins LLC

Maid Marian Muffins was the first book in a while to make my son laugh out loud. It quickly became a favorite ebook and regular feature at bedtime in our house.

The book stars a quirky Brooklynite with a hankering for an old-fashioned blueberry muffin done right. She and her faithful canine, Marvin, search far and wide for the perfect baked goods in Brooklyn. Finding no muffin tasty enough to satisfy her craving, Marian embarks on a hilarious adventure to make her very own culinary masterpieces.

The final recipe that results is so sublime that Marian & Marvin decide to make a business out of delivering her muffins all over town. She even builds a 'muffin-mobile' - a bike with Read more …

The Great Cookie Thief... A Sesame Street App Starring Cookie Monster by Callaway Digital Arts Inc.

This app does not yet have a written review. Please click on the 'star ratings' tab above, to see how we rated this app in 9 categories.

Are you interested in becoming a guest reviewer for Digital-Storytime? Contact us via the link at the bottom of this page for more information! We plan to add written guest reviews & re-posts from other reputable blogs & app review sites for book apps we rate on our 9-point scale - starting in fall of 2012!

The Prisoner of Carrot Castle by Purple Carrot Books LLC

Featuring two veggies that many children often find on their dinner plates, the The Prisoner of Carrot Castle is a book app that young readers will be riveted by from the first to last nibble! This is an adventure story about eating your veggies that will enchant children ages 5-9. The app has a polished story with beautiful illustrations and fun interactivity to keep kids engaged.

Aidan is a young boy, sitting sullenly in front of his evening meal. He is staring at the vegetables he must eat to finish dinner and looking for a way out. With both broccoli and carrots on his mind, he begins to daydream. The world Aidan imagines invites the young reader to travel along on a very Read more …

Elfishki and the Giant Cake (English + Russian) by Pavel Mamaev

In this beautifully animated tale, readers are introduced to a new world - Rainbow Island (in the middle of the Sparkling Sea). This magical world is inhabited by little people, called Elfishki. "Some of them could fly like butterflies and some could swim like mermaids. They shared the island with animals who could speak and trees who did not talk, but understood everything." This place, where miracles happen 'every day', is home to Elfizz & Maggie, two Elfishki shop owners who do not get along.

On the important occasion of Mr. Thomas' birthday, Maggie needs to bake a large cake but has trouble with her oven. Elfizz is the only other person with an oven large enough, so she reluctantly Read more …

Lobster Tale - Children's Book and Game by John Luchin

Lobster Tale is a whale . . . er, lobster . . . of an original tale that’s great for kiddos ages 6 and up. I can’t tell you too much detail without giving too much away, but this story follows Dominico, a lobster fisherman who has found himself on some hard times. What happens when he takes over a run-down lobster restaurant?  

This book app is chock full of all the dry humor and quick wit a person could ask for, which is absolutely right up my alley. It's also a little more edgy, with a few surprising twists that keep it from being your average predictable tale.The length of the story, along with the higher vocabulary, make this a great app for elementary-aged Read more …

Beau Crow – The Greedy Crow by Jason Harris

This lightly animated and interactive book by Jason Harris features great illustrations and a fun, rhyming story about a crow that cannot stop eating. He misses his flock as they are flying south, growing larger and larger in size until he can scarcely move. When a hungry fox happens upon him, the greedy crow tries to change his ways ... but will it be in time?

This short, but engaging story includes some hidden settings, like a page guide & home button (double tap to reveal them); even narration is hard to figure out at first, but you simply tap on each section to hear it read. The app also includes a way to record your own narration, a nice addition. The voice-over included is lovely, Read more …

Crêpes by Suzette by Monica WELLINGTON

Crepes by Suzette is a simple story of a day in the life of a crepe vendor (aptly named Suzette) who wanders through Paris. After purchasing ingredients in a market, Suzette pushes her cart through some Paris’ most quintessential settings: Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Luxembourg Gardens, Notre-Dame Cathedral, to name a few. The book is a travelogue, a celebration of Paris, and an innovative multimedia experience.

Created by author and illustrator, Monica Wellington, Crepes by Suzette juxtaposes photos of Parisian scenes with mementos such as coins, stamps and maps. Monica’s own vibrant illustrations are layered onto the foreground.  The collage-like effect lends lends depth Read more …

The Amazing Train- Where the adventure comes to life-Full story book 3D by Shoham Drori

Featuring polished 3-D illustrations and computer animation, The Magnificent Travelling Palace is a real treat for young armchair travellers. The story follows four children on a magical train ride in Udaipur, India. The story is informative about the sights and sounds of this Indian city, including a rich tapestry of cultural references and beautiful music. There are even interactive "?"  that the reader can tap to get more information about traditional Indian foods pictured within the story.

The images for this storybook are beautifully rendered computer graphics that are crisp and colorful. There are even a few scenes that are lightly animated or use a panorama view to sweep over a Read more …

Mr. Cupcake Has The Sprinkles – An Interactive Animated Storybook App For Kids HD by Mighty Yeti Studios

Mr Cupcake Has The Sprinkles is the first interactive storybook by Half Moon Bay, California- based Mighty Yeti Studios.  It is a silly yet very creative story about a cupcake who is on his way to a birthday party for a cookie.  As he was leaving his house, he heard a crunching noise.  This noise bothered him so much that he couldn’t leave for the party without investigating who or what was causing it.

The thing that stood out to me in this book is the main character, Mr. Cupcake.  I don’t think I have ever seen a cupcake personified in a book or a cartoon.  He has hair that looks like frosting and puts on sprinkles on his head instead of a hat.  If Read more …

Hansel and Gretel: Lost by PB&J Publishing

What makes a great book app? There are many viewpoints on this, but for me I think a great book app has to tell a good story and use animation and interactive elements to further the comprehension of the words in the story, rather than simply distracting the reader. One book app which meets my criteria for a great book app is Hansel and Gretel: Lost by PB & J Publishing.

The interactive elements actually move readers through the plot, which is a real win for beginning readers. The reader makes Hansel throw his breadcrumbs, and watches as little forest gremlins gobble them up. The reader helps Gretel climb the tree to see the witch’s gingerbread house. They later Read more …

The Candy Factory HD - Children's Story Book by TouchyBooks S.L.

What child doesn't fantasize about having a candy factory all to themselves? This sweet tale, reminiscent of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, tells the story of two children that ride a cotton candy cloud one night to visit an abandoned 'confectionary'. They meet mysterious little creatures inside, along with vats of candy in every flavor and type.

This app, from Touchy Books, features richly colored illustrations by Silvia Alvarez to complement the enchanting story. As the developer name implies, these books are very 'touchable' with lots of interactive elements that enhance the story with light animation and sound effects. Birds chirp & fly across the page, lights turn on and Read more …

The Lettermen go on a Picnic by Stefan Nowak

This fun digital storybook under the category "Education" is interactive in a way that not only makes reading fun, but reinforces spelling, reading and sight words. The 'lettermen' themselves are simple but engaging cartoon letters with hands and feet. They are very appealing to kids and have great expressions that match the words they are forming on each page.

This tale has the 'lettermen' going on a picnic. The narration, a British English speaker, is crisp and clear. The Lettermen was a series of books created in the late 1980's by Roger Knights. This book was published in print in 1993. According to the information page in the book, "It was never intended to be an educational Read more …

A Heart Pumping Adventure HD by Take 2 Ventures LLC

"A Heart Pumping Adventure" is from the Human Body Detectives (HBD) series, created by Heather Manley, a Naturopath and mom. She designed this series to educate kids in a fun way about their bodies. In the first story, "The Lucky Escape", two sisters end up taking a detailed trip into the digestive system to find out what's wrong with their baby brother. In the 2nd title, "Battle With the Bugs", the girls do their detective work inside the body of their little cousin, whose immune system is working hard to battle a virus. In this final chapter of the 3-book set, the girls adventure takes them inside their father's bloodstream to learn about heart-healthy fats.

Print versions of each of Read more …

The Lucky Escape HD by PicPocket Books

"The Lucky Escape" is the story of two girls that end up shrinking down and traveling through their brother's digestive system, all the while learning about this important body system.  The print version was released with a CD that narrates the story, read by the author's children.

This is an excellent educational title designed by a Naturopath and mom to educate kids in a fun way about their bodies.  Human Body Detectives (HBD) is a series she created, with "The Lucky Escape" detailing a trip down the digestive system.  It is detailed and medically accurate, with illustrations that are both richly colored and authentic looking depictions of the inside of the body.

Aimed at Read more …

Lula's Brew for iPad by Jacob Rhodes

Lula's Brew for the iPad (iPhone version also available), is a delightful read with wonderful narration by the author. This book is an original story and illustration from Ms. Dulemba, who has authored many other children's books, including, "Soap, Soap, Soap".

It is a good example of a title that brings all the fun of children's literature to the brilliant screen of the iPad without adding anything extra, just simple narration, which is optional and manual page turning (although auto-page turning would be a nice feature on future updates).

We thoroughly enjoy this book at bedtime, with or without the audio. It is also a wonderful example of books being published directly from Read more …

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Movie Storybook & Cloudy 2 Children's Activity Book by zuuka incorporated

Flint Lockwood dreams of becoming a great scientist and in this classic storybook app he discovers a way to make food rain from the sky. An intrepid reporter named Sam Sparks arrives to cover the news event, creating the perfect storm for a recipe that ends in romance. Since the publication in 1978 of this fabulous tale, young readers have been enthralled. This movie-themed app is not animated or interactive, but does feature crisp images from the film. It provides a simple reading (or listening) experience that will reinforce the movie or prepare young children for what to expect before going to the theater.

Fans of the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs series, will enjoy this title Read more …

The Vitamin Adventures of Don and Flip by EMANTRAS

This ebook for the iPad is under the category 'Games' and it is really more of an educational game, although it does have over 20 pages of 'story' to go along with its 'extras'. It stars two birds, Don and his side-kick Flip. The birds are irreverent and not always kind to each other, but in a funny way that is typical of many cartoons aimed at children. For instance, in one of the first books Don calls Flip 'stupid' which can be a concern for many parents. It didn't bother me, but I usually talk to my child about these types of cartoon interactions whenever I catch them in media he watches.

The stories, each about 4 pages, end with a short game with falling foods that represent things you Read more …

Kung Fu Panda 2 Interactive Cookbook by Castle-Builders (IL) Ltd.

A hit movie can live on in a commemorative iPad book, but this app takes the experience a step further. The world of Kung Fu Panda 2 is now open for cooking classes! This app presents 'how-to' videos for 19 Asian-themed recipes along with a bundle of extra features and several clips from the movie.

Each video is presented in a straight forward way with a professional cook narrating as she prepares each dish with the help of a young boy. The videos are useful but the book also has a play button that narrates the written recipe, highlighting as it reads. Most of the dishes are simple enough for children to assist in the preparation, although picky eaters might not find much on the menu they'd Read more …

Chocolate Attack! - An Interactive Picture Book by Apologue Entertainment, LLC

Chocolate Attack! is, in many ways, an ideal digital book. It has fun graphics, a cute story line, educational value, a clear moral and takes full advantage of the touch screen with interactive elements on nearly every page. The interactivity is varied and well integrated into the story while capturing the whimsy of being able to touch the screen and make the picture dance. The animations are also hidden a little, like the fire hydrant can be tapped to get water to spurt out, but not so hidden as to encourage a child to tap constantly, like a Pavlovian experiment gone awry.

The first page has a spinning sun, for instance, that my child instinctively reached out and touched, soon discovering Read more …

Snowpo: The Trip for Fish and Chips by Tinkertanker

Snowpo: The Trip for Fish and Chips is a short but sweet book app for kids ages three and up with unique interactivity. It is the story of a very hungry polar bear who has a hankering for fish and chips. What better way to satisfy such a craving than flying off to London to sample the local fare? Snowpo does get into a bit of hot water along the way, but this is a fun tale overall. The storyline has a nursery rhyme quality about it, told in simple but solidly written verse to match the cool, retro-looking artwork.

This digital book also offers crisp narration that highlights word-for-word, pairing nicely with the polished illustrations. The images have a cartoon-like quality that kids will Read more …

Spaghetti Day HD by PicPocket Books

"Do you ever wonder what your pet cats do when you leave them home alone?" asks the narrator of this cute book.  Pictured is a large, orange tabby cat slurping spaghetti out of a bowl as big as she is.  It features a group of neighborhood cats that gather to cook and eat gourmet meals. This book was published in print in 1990 by author Maryann Cocca-Leffler.  

This is a 'silly' book that is amusing even if it is far fetched.  The illustrations are lovely, athough the whole book had a blurry feeling to it that made me think it wasn't entirely HD.  The text within the story at one point is even a bit pixelated.  Perhaps an HD version?  But these are Read more …

The Cow Who Made Strawberry Milkshakes by Luis Hernández Parra

This is a fun story about a cow that makes flavored milk. Told in the first person by a child narrator, this storybook app is simple but enjoyable. When someone feeds 'Moo' chocolate one day, she makes ... chocolate milk! Soon the family is feeding her all sorts of yummy things in the hopes of having lots of delicious, flavored milk. Then one day 'Moo' stops producing anything but 'normal milk' ... that is until it is the narrator's birthday, when Moo gives ice cream!

This storybook app is not enhanced beyond narration. It has easy-to-read text and simple page turn by swiping, as well as ample settings to navigate (via a page guide). Other than that, though, this app is really basic, Read more …

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