The Going to Bed Book - Sandra Boynton by Loud Crow Interactive Inc.

The Going to Bed Book is a perfect bedtime read created by Loud Crow, the same developer that made PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit. While it is interactive with subtle 'pop-up' style animations, it is short and accompanied by relaxing piano music that is ideal for settling down at nighttime. The print book, published in 1982, is also a chart topper with hundreds of 5-Star reviews at

The book has a similar style to the Peter Rabbit ebook with lots of touchable elements that bounce slightly like a true pop-up book. There are also delightful touches, like water faucets that turn on and off, bubbles that float across the page to be popped with a tap, and even a foam that covers the Read more …

Teddy's Night by Auryn Inc.

Teddy's Night was an instant hit in our house, just as we loved "Teddy's Day".  The interactivity & animation is also well-integrated into the storyline and varied enough to entertain a child for a very long time.  There are so many totally original things to discover in this book, like blocks that you can knock over, a tub you can fill (touch and hold on the faucet), pop-able bubbles you can create by tapping a soap bottle, lights that turn on (or off) and even a memory game in the bathtubs tiles!  There's also a great potty scene with teddy on his own little potty chair next to the little girl.  Tap on either the girl or teddy for some authentic sounding bodily Read more …

Auracle HD – Miko "No Bath! No Way!" by Auryn, Inc

The Miko series, by talented author Brigitte Weninger, has been among my child's favorites in print for many years, published in the past decade. I especially love the beautiful illustrations of Stephanie Roehe that pair so nicely with the sweet stories in this series. In this title, Miko's doesn't want to take a bath.

Miko's ever patient mother tries to draw him out of his hiding spot, but ultimately lets him go to sleep unwashed. However her solution is that he can sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag instead of his nice clean bed. "It will be like camping!" exclaims Miko, but his enthusiasm wears off after a few minutes of snuggling in his dirty spot on the Read more …

The Berenstain Bears Bedtime Battle by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

The Berenstain Bears Bedtime Battle by Stan & Jan Berenstain was published in print for the first time in 1993. In this title Sister & Brother bear argue about bedtime with their parents, sluggishly picking up toys while whining about how unfair things are. Even when Father Bear tries to get the cubs to join in a race to pick up their room, the children are sullen and uncooperative.

In print, the title has received mixed reviews, including several on that point out that unlike many of the other Berenstain Bears' books, this one doesn't seem to have a clear moral. The young bears seem to win in the end, wearing their parents out rather than a typical ending where the whole Read more …

Bubble Tubbie by Epiphany Schwarz LLC

Bubble Tubbie was created to be "a sensory romp through a child's imagination as they experience the most cherished of childhood rituals; The Bubble Bath." And without question, this is one very engaging read, featuring over a dozen pages of touchable, tappable exploration for little fingers. Created for children under six, this app is a great companion to Bubble Tubbie's other products, which are quite a bit more submersible. The print title is available in hardcover with stickers that can be used in the bath or as a waterproof (laminated) book to actually read in the tub. Bubble Tubbie also has a line of fun-looking bath toys.

The story itself is more of a long, meandering poem told Read more …

I Just Forgot - Little Critter by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

I Just Forgot by Mercer Mayer was published in print in 1988. It is a beloved story about Little Critter as he tackles a challenge every young child must take on ... remembering things for themselves. And he does a great job for a little guy, getting his own breakfast and heading out to the bus on his own. But he still needs his mom to remind him to make his bed, put the milk away, and bring his lunch. By night-time, Little Critter has had a full day of forgetting (and remembering) before the one thing he'd never forget ... his bedtime story!

Many readers have asked, "What kind of animal is Little Critter?" According to Wikipedia, Mercer Mayer did not specify which type of animal Read more …

The New Potty - Little Critter by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

The New Potty by Mercer Mayer was published in print in 1992 as part of the Golden Books "Little Sister" series (in collaboration with the author's 3rd wife, Gina). This title is the beloved story about Little Critter's baby sister getting her first potty chair and learning how to use it. At first she just wants to sit on it ... to watch tv & eat dinner ("that was weird" says Little Critter), but soon she's willing to try it out. After a few accidents, she gets better and better, making her family proud.

Many readers have asked, "What kind of animal is Little Critter?" According to Wikipedia, Mercer Mayer did not specify which type of animal Little Critter is, but Read more …

Monster Morning by Franca Munoz

This app does not yet have a written review but has been thoroughly evaluated by our staff. Please click on the 'star ratings' tab above, to see how we rated this app in nine categories.

Note to readers: This rating was expedited by the developer for a small fee. The content of the rating/review is the same, but timing of publication has been prioritized. 

Timor the Alligator by XG Media

Timor the Alligator is a very short but well crafted book about an alligator that doesn't like to brush his teeth. As a result, he has bad breath and some very dirty looking ivories in his mouth. Interactive but not really animated, this app is a perfect read for youngsters with sight words and a simple but important message about dental hygiene.

The app has easy arrow page turning and nice background music. It is not narrated but my Kindergartner surprised me by being able to read nearly every word by himself when we shared this cute title together. The highlight of this book is the interactivity, including nice sound effects as you tap on items found on every page. You can make Timor Read more …

Does the Queen Brush Her Teeth? by Red Roar Apps

This is a really fun story that is told in the first person by a young girl named Tilly McKnee. She is having tea with the Queen [of England] one rainy day. Suddenly her eyes are drawn to the Queen's teeth and she thinks to herself, "Arghhhhhhhhh the Queen has yellow teeth!" This begins a story where Tilly daydreams about whether or not the Queen brushes her teeth.

Tilly's imagination goes from silly to absurd as she imagines the Queen with tiny servants on ladders in her mouth, people wearing coats made of fur cut off the Queen's teeth and other flights of fancy. The illustrations are colorful and cartoon like in a way that fits the tongue-in-cheek story very well. Almost every Read more …


B& E: Water is a quaint universal storybook featuring two sisters B & E. The story takes us through the actions that B must take in order to wake her sister up which involve lots of noise, playing inside including coloring, playing outside in the mud puddles and finally a bath and evening downtime.  A bit about the company, B&E Media is based in Australia and was founded by two sisters who began creating children’s storybook apps using original stories with animations. The animations in the app were unexpected and happened every three to four pages and really helped bring the previous pages to life. The app features narration, word highlighting, simple Read more …

I Have to Go!! by Tizio BV

I Have to Go!! is a cute title from the Dutch team "Sieneke & Tineke". The 'story' is about a little one who has to go to bathroom and can't find her potty. She goes from room to room, speculating on where she can go to pee. "Should I do it on the couch?" she wonders. She also considers many other inappropriate places until she remembers her potty is in the bathroom. What a relief.

This book is just the right length for toddlers, although my 4 year old also enjoyed it a lot. Every page has a few unique sounds to be triggered, but nothing that would encourage senseless tapping. A funny little series of clanging noises happens whenever you tap on the little girl, which Read more …

Once Upon a Potty: Girl by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

Once Upon a Potty, for Girls is based on the print title by Alona Frankel, published in 1975 in Hebrew in an edition specifically for boys. It has been updated and translated, becoming a timeless classic for potty-training. According to Wikipedia:

The book contains a story, told from the point of view of a mother of a toddler who tries to potty train. This toddler has a different name on different versions of the book (Joshua, Prudence, Naftaly, Ziona…). The story first describes that toddler’s body; He or she has hands to play with, legs to walk with…and in their buttocks they have “a hole to woo-woo from”. The rest of story Read more …

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