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    Top Halloween Themed Book Apps

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    Top Kids Apps about Penguins

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    Best Digital Books for Father's Day

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    Silly, Scary & Everything In-Between

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    Great book apps about the stars, rockets to space, learning about planets & more!

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    The best pirate stories for iPad/iPhone

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    The best titles about family relationships ...

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    Great books to explore every type of weather!

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    Finalists for the Children's & Young Adult Blogger's Literary Awards (CYBILS)

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    Perfect puppies, dog friends, friend dogs.

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    Great book apps about elephants!

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    From Animalia to Cinderella

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    Fun-packed apps with reading & more!

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    Top 50 Winter Holiday Apps for Kids

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    Best Interactive Comics

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    Top Books About Teasing, Bullys & Making Friends

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    Feline friends for your iPad

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    Best Books about Mice

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    Alphabet Book Apps for All Ages

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    Top 10 Fairy Story Apps

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    Top Apps About Biblical Times & Stories

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    Top 10 Books about Locomotives

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    Best Digital Books for Mother's Day

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    Best Apps about Trees, Forests

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    Top Apps About Bunnies, Easter & More!

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    Get Reading with Book Apps about Primates

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    Books for Kids about Sea Life & Sea Creatures

  • Foreign Language Learning


    Top Apps in multiple languages ...

  • Tractors & Trucks


    Top Storybooks about Tractors and Dump-Trucks

  • Cows


    Moolicious Apps About Cows

  • Biology


    Top Book Apps About Biological Science

  • Pigs and Piglets


    Best Apps about Pigs & Piglets

  • Chickens


    Best Kids Book Apps about Chicks & Chickens

  • Sheep & Lambs


    Top books about lambs and sheep

  • Diversity & Multi-Cultural Themes


    Best Apps with Cross-Cultural Themes

  • Superheros


    Top books about super-heroes

  • Fine Art


    Beautifully illustrated Book Apps for Kids

  • Pets, Pet Care & Pet Loss


    Best Apps about Pets, Pet Care & Pet Loss

  • School


    Top books about kids in the classroom ...

  • Flowers & Gardening


    Book Apps for Kids about Flowers & the Garden

  • Fairy Tales and Fables


    Top Enhanced Storybook Apps for iPad

  • Environmentalism


    Best Book Apps about Being Green

  • Chores & Housework


    Best Books about Chores & Cleaning

  • Camping


    Book Apps about Going on a Campout

  • Nursery Rhymes & Songs


    Book Apps for Kids about Nursery Rhymes

  • Going to Market & Shopping


    Book apps for kids, about shopping.

  • Human Body


    Top 10 Apps about the Human Body!

  • Sailing & Going to Sea


    Books for Kids about Sailing & Going to Sea

  • Cat in the Hat Learning Library


    Digital Dr. Seuss Apps by Oceanhouse Media

  • Fish


    Best Storybook Apps about Fish, Fishing

  • Grandparents


    Best Story Apps about Grandma & Grandpa

  • Dancing


    Best Apps about Dancing Feet!

  • Socks, Shoes & Feet


    Top books about socks, shoes & feet

  • Lost Things


    Books about Getting Lost & Losing Things

  • Weather & Meteorology


    Great Weather Story Apps

  • Horses


    Top book apps about all things equine ...

  • Money


    Great Digital Books for Kids about Money

  • Smithsonian


    Great non-fiction for young readers!

  • Caterpillars & Butterflies


    Top Apps About Butterflies, Caterpillars & their Lifecycle

  • Life Cycles


    Best Storybook Apps about Life Cycles

  • Octopuses & Octopi


    Best Book Apps about an Octopus

  • Dolphins


    Top Digital Stories about Dolphins

  • Whales


    Top Storybook Apps about Whales

  • Sight Words


    Apps featuring Sight Words for Young Readers

  • Story Creation


    Top Books with Story Creation Tools

  • Grooming & Hygieine


    Best Book Apps about Keeping Clean

  • Art Apps


    Art, Appreciation and Exploration Apps

  • Ballet & Ballerinas


    Top Book Apps about Ballerinas & Ballet

  • Colors of the Rainbow


    Great Color Stories for Reading to Kids!

  • Tea Time


    Best Books About Tea Parties

  • Holidays


    Storybook apps for kids about holidays

  • African American Storybooks


    Top Book Apps about African Americans

  • Bats


    Great Picture Books About Bats

  • Shapes and Sizes


    Top Storybook Apps about Shapes & Size

  • Photography


    Storybook Apps with Photo Illustrations

  • Tweens and Teens


    Best Enhanced Book Apps for Ages 9-19

  • Game/Book Hybrid


    Top Game/Book Apps for Young Readers

  • Concept Books


    Simple StoryBook Apps for Young Readers

  • Choose Your Own Adventure


    Digital Tales Your Direct Yourself!

  • Sisters


    Top books about sisters & siblings ...

  • Stealing and Theft


    Best story apps about thievery

  • Geography


    Enhanced books about Maps, Geography

  • Rockets & Rocketships


    Best Apps for Kids about Rockets & Space Travel

  • Teachers


    Book Apps about Education, Teachers & School

  • Water Vessels - Boats, Ships, Rafts, Etc.


    Great story apps about water-travel ...

  • Speech Bubbles


    Best story apps with visible dialogue bubbles.

  • US History


    Books about US History

  • Moon & Space Travel


    Books about the Moon & Space Travel

  • Country Fairs


    Book Apps for Kids about Going to the Fair

  • Emergency Preparedness


    Best Book Apps for Kids about Preparing for Emergencies

  • Drums


    Book Apps for Kids about Drums & Music

  • Squirrels


    Kid's Storybook Apps about Squirrels & Nuts

  • Museums


    Best Apps for Kids about Museums

  • Screen Time


    Best Apps about Screen Time & Online Safety

  • Computers & Internet Technology


    Kids Book Apps about Computers & Internet

  • Internet & On-Line Safety


    Best Apps about Staying Safe with New Media

  • Manners & Etiquette


    Best Apps for Kids about Good Behavior

  • Death & Loss


    Book Apps for Kids about Death & Loss

  • Brushing Teeth & the Tooth Fairy


    Best book apps about loosing teeth ...

  • Content Creation


    Book Apps for Kids to Create Their Own Stories

  • Book Creator


    Book Creators, Storyboards, Creative Apps

  • Fireflies


    Book Apps for Kids about the Firefly

  • Bees & Honey


    Top Book Apps about Bees

  • Fishing


    Book Apps for Kids about Fishing

  • Sesame Street


    Best Book Apps from Sesame Street

  • Sweets & Candy


    Book Apps for Kids about Tasty Treats

  • Soccer


    Best Apps about Playing Soccer for Kids

  • Traditional Folktales


    Best Traditional Folktale Storybook Apps

  • Wordless Picture Books


    Wordless digital books build imagination!

  • US Presidents


    Apps about Presidents of the United States

  • Dreams


    Book Apps for Kids about Dreams

  • Crocodiles


    Book Apps for Kids about Crocodiles

  • Buses


    Kids Apps about taking the bus & bus travel

  • Artists


    Top Storybook Apps for Kids about Artists

  • Hair & Hairstyles


    Great Digital Books about Hairstylying & Hair

  • Turtles


    Best Apps about Turtles & Tortoises

  • Safety


    Top Storybook Apps about Safety

  • Reindeer


    Top Storybook Apps about Reindeer

  • Pandas


    Best Apps about Pandas

  • Transmedia


    Top Transmedia Book Apps for Kids

  • Music


    Top Story Apps About Music

  • Personalizable


    Best Customizable Apps for Kids 2-12

  • Coloring Pages


    Storybooks with Coloring Pages

  • Reading Comprehension


    Book Apps for Enhanced Learning

  • Moral Stories


    The best moral stories for iPad/iPhone

  • Giraffes


    Top 10 Kids Book Apps about Giraffes

  • Sports, Fitness & Excercise


    Top 10 apps about sports & exercise!

  • Non-Linear Storytelling


    Reader Driven Apps - Choose Your Own Adventure

  • Sleep


    Top Book Apps About Sleep & Bedtime

  • Inventions & Inventors


    Best storybook apps about inventing

  • Beach Stories


    Seaside Stories, Ocean Adventures & More!

  • Robots


    Top 10 Kids Book Apps about Robots

  • Science


    Best Science Book Apps

  • Zoo Animals


    Great kids book apps about animals!

  • Science Fiction


    Storybooks about Science Fiction for Kids

  • Circus


    Best Books about the Big Top!

  • Food, Nutrition & Cooking


    Topic: Food, Nutrition & Cooking

  • Birthdays


    Cake, Candles, Presents & More!

  • Dragons


    Top Apps with dragon themes ...

  • AirPlanes, Planes & AeroPlanes


    Top Apps About Planes

  • Farm Life


    Pigs, Cows, Chickens, and Farmer John? :)

  • Friendship


    Top Story Apps about Being Friends

  • Vampires


    Picture Book Apps for Ages 2-12

  • Frogs and Toads


    Top 10 book apps about frogs & pond life ...

  • Feelings


    Top Book Apps about Emotions & Feelings

  • Bathtime


    Top Picture Book Apps about Bathtime

  • Worms


    Top Apps About Earthworms

  • Counting


    Top 123 Apps, About Numbers & Math

  • Bugs, Insects and Spiders


    Insects, Spiders & Creepy Crawlys

  • Coming-of-Age


    Best Apps about Growing Up for Kids

  • Poetry


    Top Poetic Book Apps for Kids

  • Easter


    Best story apps about Easter

  • Flying


    Planes, balloons, a wing & a prayer ...

  • Fashion & Dress Up


    Best Books about Dressing Up for Kids

  • Ducks


    Top 10 books about ducks

  • Rodents


    Best Apps about Mice, Rats & More!

  • Siblings


    Brothers, Sisters & Sibling Rivarly

  • Potty Time


    Book Apps about Potty Training, Poop & Pee

  • Wellness & Healthy Living


    Top Titles about Doctors, Dentists & Staying Well

  • Birds


    From Parrots to Peacocks ...

  • Tigers & Other Big Cats


    Top Apps About Lions, Tigers & more!

  • Health & Wellness


    Book Apps for Kids about Staying Healthy

  • Sharks


    Digital Books about Sharks

  • Thanksgiving


    Best story apps about giving thanks ...

  • Bedtime


    Top 10 book apps about going to bed

  • Vacation


    Best Books about Going on Holiday

  • Imaginary Creatures


    Book Apps about Imaginary Animals

  • Racing


    Storybook Racing Apps for Kids

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