How The Grinch Stole Christmas! - Dr. Seuss

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A classic Seuss tale for the holidays that captures all the charm of the original with the light enhancements found in all OM Books from Oceanhouse Media. Starring the famous Grinch (with his heart that is possibly two sizes too small) and the indefatigable Whos from Whoville. This tale is delightful in digital with great sound effects, snow falling and educational touches. Tap any image to hear and see the words. For the holiday season, this is not the most highly produced app but still a timeless story that will enchant children & parents.

Updated 11/29/2012 (initiatial publication date: 11/22/2011) - New features include recordable narration and page guide as well as  settings to turn off sound effects, interactivity and hints.

This app is part of a special post for Winter Holiday Books in our blog, The Digital Media Diet. This is one of our many seasonal & recommended reading lists. Publication Date: Winter 2011