Builda the Re-Bicycler

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Midlandia is a fictional land where anthropomorphized canines work, live and have all sorts of adventures. One Midlandian, Builda, is the owner of the bicycle factory, supplying everyone with their favorite form of transportation. When a bike breaks, even with something as small as a flat tire, the habit in town is to throw it away and get a new one. But the local dump is beginning to overflow when Builda has a big idea that can make life better for everyone.

This lightly animated and interactive series is full of fun illustrations with lots of detail to show off Midlandia and its inhabitants. Nice hints show kids where to tap, triggering sound effects and cute animations, most of which are plot-related. This interactivity provides reinforcement of the storyline and feels thoughtful and polished throughout the book. There are also a nice array of settings accessible from the bottom of each page. Text is in an easy-to-read font that highlights as narrated and page turning is by simple arrows.

Overall, this is a fun read and part of a series my child really enjoys. There is just enough fantasy with this fictional world to draw young readers in for an instructive tale. Ends with questions for reading comprehension and further discussion. This story from the series would be ideal for teaching about recycling, environmental stewardship or Earth Day.

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