Hunches in Bunches - Dr. Seuss

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This title, reproduced in digital by the talented team at Oceanhouse Media, was published by Dr. Seuss's in print in 1982. It follows the imaginative story of a young boy who is trying to decide what to do. He has hunches that encourage him to do lots of different things, but these 'hunches' are not always in his best interests. The impact of curiousity, cravings and desire are all touched on in this unique and whimsical title from the legendary Seuss.

Hunches in Bunches also has top-notch features from Oceanhouse Media in app form. Enhancements are primarily educational and focused on word recognition, although lots of interesting sound effects are also connect the images with word meanings for young listeners. Great narration with highlighting word-by-word reinforces the text and if a child taps on any word, they can hear it spoken again. If you tap on an image in the illustrations, the word will appear with accompanying audio. And as a bonus, if that image is present in the text of the story, the word will highlight again, too.

This title has the detailed and colorful illustrations that make Seuss books popular - a treat for any fan. In digital form, most Dr. Seuss OmBooks also aren't animated in any way, but many pages begin by panning over Seuss' classic original artwork, zooming in and out to show off each chunk of text in a nicely paced design. Extra features include the ability to record your own narration as well as excellent navigation with a nice visual 'thumbnail' page guide. Ample settings allow adults to set the book up with or without audio and interactive elements.

Overall, this Seuss tale is a delightful read ... It is made even more accessible to a new generation with digital enhancements well-suited for a modern audience. The messages within this story (and most Seuss titles) are subtle, making for rich converstation with young people or even extension activities in a classroom setting. In print and digital, Dr. Seuss is tops with young and old alike, precisely because his books make learning to read (and reading to learn) FUN! Recommended!