This Book Is About To Explode


This title is more game than book, but otherwise fabulous, featuring a dozen pages of fun bombs readers can set up and then watch explode before piecing a complex puzzle back together. The star of the brief storytelling is a robot named Tiki-Zin3 who is searching the universe for alien life. After many pages of patient exploration and repairs, the robot is greated by an act of friendship. The overall design and implementation of the games is intuitive and well-crafted, but as a storybook this app lacks significant narrative intrigue to draw young readers beyond the interactive puzzles.

The games themselves are brilliant, engaging young and old alike in a series of steps to solve complex puzzles. The challenge can be high, although my 2nd grader was able to complete the whole thing by himself. The app also provides lots of replay value for hours of potential entertainment. This is, however, not much of a 'story' book and definitely not appropriate for bedtime. There is also very limited classroom application for this otherwise delightful app. Featuring nice narration (not highlighted), simple arrow page turning and a galaxy of challenging activities.


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