Fox In Socks - Dr. Seuss

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Fox in Sox is a delightful book in digital form, with bright beautiful pictures of the beloved classic Dr. Seuss. I had forgotten just how much tongue twisting some of these Seuss titles require, so it was refreshing to have a digital version that 'reads by itself' (as my son likes to say). And the professional narrator does a much better job than I could ever do with lines like "muddle puddle tweetle poodle beetle noodle bottle paddle battle".

For the read-a-long effect, each word is highlighted as it is read. Tap on any word to hear it spoken, even in the 'read-it-myself' mode. All of the Dr. Seuss books are an excellent choice for children learning to read because they are filled with simple words (mostly 'sight words' in fact). They are popular with parents and children precisely because they make learning to read fun.

Although each page is essentially a still image, many pages begin by panning over Seuss' classic original artwork, zooming in and out to show off each segment of text, a nice semi-animated style. These ebook versions of Dr. Seuss have no real animation, although most of the items pictured in the story react to a light tap with a visual image of the word with accompanying audio (for example, tap on a box and the word "box" appears with audio saying “box”). 

This Seuss classic is very nice on the iPad and I applaud the developer for continuing to update these titles with an eye toward educational improvements. The Seuss books were designed for kids learning to read, after all. And with Seuss on so many digital platforms now (including Android), learning to read is just a click away.