Peterkin Meets A Star HD

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I am re-reviewing this truly wonderful little book now that the developer, PicPocket Books, has updated it with high-resolution images worthy of the iPad. It is such a delight to see this story's crisp watercolor illustrations!

Peterkin Meets a Star was published in print in 1985 by Random House Books for Young Readers.  It is out of print (unless you have an iPad), although when I checked Amazon for ratings of the print version, I did find used copies available for sale and three 5-star reviews from people clearly excited to find any copy of a much sought after favorite.  I vaguely remember reading this book to the kids I babysat - the year sounds about right. :)

Peterkin, a little boy, trudges out into the snow one evening with his rabbit and hedgehog friends close behind. He climbs a tree and removes a smiling star from its sky-high perch, tucking it under his arm. He lovingly holds the star in his sleep, even. Then the star begins to frown, slowly losing its luster. By morning the star is 'sick' with tears in its eyes. It is so dim that Peterkin tucks it into bed and takes its temperature. When the next night comes, Peterkin takes the star on his evening walk. As the star comes back to life the boy has an idea. He puts the star back in the sky (leaving a knitted cap on its head). In the final scene, the star watches over Peterkin - peering in at the sleeping boy through a window.

This very cute story has a very tiny amount of animation around the star, plus the first page has snow falling.  When tapping on the star, a 'twinkling' sound is heard, except when he's 'sick'. The sound of footsteps in the snow is also added on several pages. It also has nice music that plays delicately in the background throughout the book.  It is just the right amount of animation, interactivity and music for reading before bed, a great example of features driven by the needs of the story. It is very short, making it an ideal 'last book' in our house at bedtime. The soft, quiet scenes, gentle narration and sweet ending make this book a sure way to bring sweet dreams. [An iPhone version is also available - click HERE to link to itunes.]

[This review is an update to the review originally published on 1/27/11]