Synopsis How Far is UP


From iTunes:

How Far is UP takes you on a fantastical journey to the outer reaches of our universe. This story weaves fact and fiction. Our three characters, Rusty, Buster and Ting are curious about distance and space and they embark on a bumbling escapade to outer galaxies. But when they find themselves in peril, can shy Buster lead the trio safely home to earth?  
With rich collaged illustrations this interactive story brings you the original photography and hand illustration of Betty Sargeant and combines this with factual imagery from NASA.
How Far is UP aims to entertain and educate audiences. Children can interact with and experience this app whilst alone. Yet we also encourage children to read this book together with adults - this combination of older and younger audiences can add to the richness of the reading experience.

Through this app we aim to help foster a love of books and reading. So we have designed a set of book-linked activities, discussions and more. These notes are freely available from within the app and they will assist teachers, librarians and guardians to explore and discuss the themes and ideas from How Far is UP. These notes focus on further developing young children’s literacy and numeracy skills as well as their understandings of science, geography and technology. These notes are aligned with U.S. curriculums and the Australian National Curriculum (K-2).

This application does not contain in-app purchasing, advertising, or links to social networking. The teachers' notes and the related video are accessed via a customised web-page. Yet this page does not contain links to any other websites or related Internet data. We do not actively collect, store nor share any personal information.