Moon Man Dan lives on our Moon…
He has BIG wide eyes, and wears..." />

Synopsis Moon Man Dan: Story & Night Light


From iTunes:

Moon Man Dan lives on our Moon…
He has BIG wide eyes, and wears a super suit from space,
With a helmet that fits all too large, and covers most of his face!

The Moon Man Dan iPad App has been designed to introduce the notion of a ‘world beyond our own’ to a generation of children.

Discover with Moon Man Dan and his friends NoOmNi, NoOmNoo, NoOmNar and The MoOnMoos with the Moon Man Dan interactive story ‘The Telescope’ & episode ‘The Gravity Lever’. Finally, drift off to sleep with the Moon Man Dan Nightlight & Lullaby.

Moon Man Dan is a preschool animated film that has been adapted for the iPad.


• Read with your little ones, or allow them to explore the Moon Man Dan educational & interactive story ‘The Telescope’.
• A Nightlight – Lullaby and night time landscape to help drift your child to sleep.
• Watch the Moon Man Dan 11minute ‘Gravity Lever’ Film/Episode.
• Settings page – include your child’s name and control the Nightlight timer settings.

Our app may be enjoyed at all times of the day and brings learning through discovery and fun.

It is recommended that a parent/adult accompanies a child whilst interacting with our app.

In the settings menu, add your child’s name and allocate the amount of minutes you would like the nightlight to run. After completing the story (or accessing from the main menu) the nightlight will play a lullaby with nighttime graphics to help drift your child into a world of dreams.

To access the settings, parents should hold the ‘settings button’ found at the bottom right of the main menu for roughly 3 seconds. Here you may control the settings for the Nightlight and access our social media pages.

Please note that the Moon Man Dan app / Pickled Pepper Productions Ltd. does not promote the use of social / out of App activity with children under the ages specified by the policies set out by the providers of services such as Facebook or Twitter. We welcome parents/adults feedback and encourage you to do so by posting on our Facebook page /OfficialMoonManDan and leaving us your review below.