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Tale of Sasquatch

June 5, 2015

By: Carisa Kluver

The Digital Media Diet

An origin story about the birth of Sasquatch (Big Foot) ...

In this charming fairy tale from Ever After Tales, we learn how Sasquatch (Big Foot) came into existence. It all begins with a play-like experience as the curtains rise on Act 1 (of 3). A young boy named Rupert stars in this this sweet tale alongside an adorable sock puppet named Mr. Stinky. Rupert's mother sends him on an adventure to forage for food, along with a protective magic ring that can call a fairy godmother (or a witch if rubbed the wrong way!). Both appear along the route, with an ending that has a bear turning from scary to silly until finally he becomes a creature altogether new with a surprise twist that only the title gives away.

Featuring kid-pleasing characters and tongue-in-cheek jokes for the older crowd reading-along (like the mom's over-protectiveness that Rupert refers to as Empty Nest Syndrome), this title keeps readers of all ages in mind. The short but well paced storyline, alongside animation and delightful cartoon-style graphics, are sure to enchant young readers and listeners.

Interactive elements are present, even in read myself mode. These story-related sound effects can easily be turned off in the settings, though, for truly silent reading. English narration is in a crisp British accent, with separate voice-overs for individual characters, including Rupert who speaks with a slight stutter. There is no highlighting of the words, but the text is in a large, easy-to-read font that appears at the bottom of each page with the page turn arrows. Other settings include sound and text controls, a nice page guide and home button for easy navigation. Language options include Greek, Spanish and English, all available in-app with narration.

Two games and a drawing contest are included in addition to the storybook within this app. There is a simple puzzle game with 6, 12 and 20 piece versions of several scenes from the book. A few coloring pages are also included in the 2nd 'game', alongside a blank page for creative expression. The final extra is an invitation to post hand-drawn artwork, based on the characters in the story, to the company's facebook page (Note: A very simple 'parental gate' links to Facebook that requires fluent reading of numbers). 

Overall this is a very fun digital read for the picture book audience and their parents/caregivers. The engaging storyline will please even picky adult readers with its humor while kid-friendly illustrations and animation enchant the younger listener.


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Tale of Sasquatch

June 5, 2015

By: Carisa Kluver

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Randal P. Dark/Panagiotis Rappas

Ever After Tales, LLC

Length (time):
20 - 30 Minutes

Based on non-digital book: Yes

Allows Own Narration:

Uses Motion: No

Age: 5 - 8 +

English • Spanish •

Length (pages):
21 Pages


Story Synopsis - Tale of Sasquatch

TALE OF SASQUATCH by Randall Paris Dark  

A hilarious adventure, originally written for the theatre, by acclaimed Canadian author and director Randall Dark. It chronicles the misadventures of Rupert (or Woopert, as he would say) and his best friend Mr. Stinky the sock, as they search the woods for food, since "winteh is c-c-coming and f-f-food will soon be scahce." Frankly, though, Rupert could be anybody, including you know who:  The story is really about feeling like there’s something “wrong” with you — and discovering that it’s okay to be different. During their quest, they wrestle with good vs. bad and ultimately stumble upon the origin of Sasquatch! 
Whether you're a student, parent or teacher, you can have a lot of fun with the Tale of Sasquatch.  Put on a school play or at home. Try out your acting skills. And who knows?  You might even discover some hidden talents -- and end up with an Oscar or a Tony Awawd Winning Theatwical Expewience. 
This new app offers the following features:
The original story “Tale of Sasquatch” by Randall Paris Dark, which has been a great hit in Canada, is published for the first time worldwide in e-book format.

Breath-taking illustrations, graphics and animation by award winning
animation director and illustrator Panagiotis Rappas.
Original music written just for the “ Tale of Sasquatch”. 

Little treasures of interactivity throughout the book to make
reading a more vivid experience.

Rupert’s dictionary of theatrical terms from A to Z and Rupert’s 10 acting words of wisdom will offer your child an inspiring Introduction to the world of theater.

The option to listen to the narration through an actor’s voice.

Games that will enhance your child’s abilities and imagination. 

Brought to you by Hal Waite, Executive Producer of "The Rugrats". 

A quality international production by Ever After Tales

[Via iTunes]


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Orientation: Landscape

Format: Universal


Read to Me, Read Myself, Autoplay, Games, About, Sound (on/off), Text (on/off), Pageguide, Home, Links: Facebook (under parental gate)

App Release Date:


Size: 131.63 MB

Version: 1.0

Lite Version Available: No



Tale of Sasquatch

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