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NetKids Digital Entertainment Network for Kids

September 2, 2015

By: Cynthia Gregory


Subscription app chock-full of quality kid's books & digital content ...

After installing and setting up the free app, parents create an account for themselves and for each child age two and up using the app. The settings are parent-protected by year of birth and have everything you could want in terms of settings: child profiles, parental account, manage titles (where certain titles can be removed from the child's view, like maybe Barney), quality settings (for switching HD off or on and allowing the app to use cellular data for downloads), manage downloads (where items can be removed), support, rate app, privacy policy and the unlock content area where the subscription is made.

After all of the parental tinkering in settings, adults can hand over the app to the little kiddos to peruse and make merry. The app is cleanly designed and easy to navigate. Children can browse by character like Thomas the Train, Lalaloopsy, Charlie Brown and 46 others, or browse activities, videos, books, apps or choose from recommended titles. From here, all a child needs to do is click an item and once it has downloaded, no more internet connectivity is needed. Parents don't have to come look give a password or check the iTunes account to see if there's $2.99 for an app little Jimmy wants. If it is in the NetKids app and they can see it (per parent settings) they can download with a simple click and then start playing.

The apps are not scaled-down versions. These are the real deal. The same content available in the Lalaloopsy Dinerapp that sells for $2.99 is available in the NetKids app and included in the subscriptions price. The same holds true for the books which are beautifully illustrated and professionally narrated as well as the videos which include the Pajaminals, Paddington and Sabrina the animated series.

This is how the subscription works: $7.99 per month which can be ended like all of subscription based apps in the app store. The only down side is that once the subscription has ended, users are blocked from playing within the app. On the bright side, users get a chance to get really into books, videos and apps before spending a big chunk of money. Personally, I fell in love with Karmaliscious (a matching game) while reviewing this app and might subscribe just on that alone. Oh, and they have Charlie Brown. I mentioned that before, but my son adores all things Peanuts and I'm beginning to gush a bit, so back to the professional reviewing thing I do.

I don't normally like subscription-based apps. Many times I believe a better alternative can be found in the app store that costs less and has a one-time purchase price, but in this case, I can't find one. This app is being brought by a developer with a history of good product and licensing to use very popular and beloved characters that are classic and newer to the scene such as those from How to Tame a Dragon, Rio, Kung-Fu Panda and Wubbzy. Cupcake Digital also offers new content weekly and I have a feeling that this subscription-based option might be on-time in the app store.


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Emily B

This guest review was originally published by SmartAppsforKids.com on August 1, 2015

The author of this review, Cynthia, wasn't kidding about Karmaliscious. When she wins a level, her little characters get new furniture, toys and candy. SmartAppsForKids.com was paid a priority review fee to complete this review in an expedited manner.

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NetKids Digital Entertainment Network for Kids

September 2, 2015

By: Carisa Kluver

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Length (time):
30 - 45 Minutes

Based on non-digital book: Yes

Allows Own Narration:

Uses Motion: No

Age: 3 - 8 +

English •

Length (pages):
1000 Pages


Story Synopsis - NetKids Digital Entertainment Network for Kids

From iTunes:

NetKids offers unlimited entertainment for kids! You’ll find exclusive Cupcake Digital apps, fun activities, wholesome videos, and narrated stories—all within a safe, ad-free environment! Start today with the always free books, videos and activities, and get an even larger selection of material, including apps, activities and more with a FREE trial. Your child will be able to watch, read and play with countless hours of high-quality, age-appropriate video, books and games featuring favorite characters, including:

The Smurfs
Strawberry Shortcake
Rio & Rio 2
Sid the Science Kid
Thomas & Friends
Mike the Knight
Jim Henson’s Pajanimals
Baby Genius
Dr. Seuss
The Hive
And so many more!

Convenient Offline Accessibility—Perfect for car rides, airplanes, long trips, and waiting rooms – once you’ve downloaded content, no Internet connection is required to view it again 

Kid-friendly Browsing—Search by character, books, videos, or interest 

Updates—New books, videos, activities, apps, music and features added regularly

Exclusive Apps & Activities – Your NetKids subscription includes unlimited access to a catalog of Cupcake Digital’s premium apps featuring kid’s favorite characters and activities, bringing your kids hours of fun and games!

On-Demand Video—Over 100 hours of popular TV episodes & video programs, when you want them and where you want them

Narrated Stories— Hundreds of engaging, read-along books; narration mode with highlighted text may be enabled for pre-readers or disabled for experienced readers 

Safe & Customizable Environment—NetKids is always 100% ad free, curated and age appropriate. Titles are recommended based on your child’s age and are totally under your control.


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Orientation: Landscape

Format: Universal


Download, Read-to-Me, Read Myself, Volume, PageGuide, Home, Browse, Activities, Videos, Books, Music Videos, Apps

App Release Date:


Size: 90.17 MB

Version: 1.3.1

Lite Version Available: No



NetKids Digital Entertainment Network for Kids

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