Little Critter At Scout Camp by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
Little Critter at Scout Camp by Mercer Mayer is one of the main titles in the this beloved series, published in print in 1991. In this title, Little Critter goes on a sleep-away camping trip with his scouting troop. The digital version of this book also adds a new twist, keeping track as the young reader tries to find all 20 of the little grasshoppers and spiders, hidden on nearly every page.
Many readers have asked, "What kind of animal is Little Critter?" According to Wikipedia, Mercer Mayer did not specify which type of animal the Little Critter is, but, "he resembles a hedgehog, hamster or guinea pig." So, basically he's a rodent ... although a rather lovable one! Over 200 books Read more …
Elly Book 11 - Elly goes camping by Dipali Vaidya

Elly the Reindeer is a cute cartoon-style reindeer. She has adventures with her animal friends in a sweet rural setting where all the child-like characters live in their own homes (by themselves) and look to each other for help, fun and solving the occasional dilemma. In this story, Elly and her friends go camping in the "Feelgood Forest". Her friend Fin brings his guitar, which plays a lovely tune when tapped. A sound in the night wakes everyone up but is resolved in a feel good way that will bring sweet dreams.

This cute series of books is wonderful for preschoolers and they all make sweet bedtime books. They are simple enough for learner readers to read to themselves. This book series Read more …

Tacky Goes to Camp by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

The first Tacky the Penguin book was published in print in 1990. This title, about the 'odd bird' going to camp, came out in print in 2009. After reading any one of the "Tacky" books, it isn't difficult to understand why this character would be popular decades later. Tacky always stands out from the other penguins for being a little bit different. But with siblings named Goodly, Lovely, Angel, Neatly and Perfect, this is a family in need of a little trouble-making.

Tacky's non-conformism comes in handy of course. This time a bear threatens to eat the birds one night and Tacky scares him away simply by stumbling around with his sleeping bag over his head. He may not be Perfect, but Read more …

MyBackpack - Waterford Learning by Waterford Research Institute, LLC

My Backpack is the first app from the educational non-profit the Waterford Research Institute. The app is designed for children from preschool through 3rd grade and has 4 different sections. It is designed as a classroom supplement to be used alongside Waterford Early Learning, a research-based adaptive software curriculum. It is currently free with no in-app purchases adverts or external links.

The 4 sections are : Read-a-Long, Mental Math, Sing-a-Long, and Nursery Rhymes.


There are 16 books included in the app, designed for Pre-k through 2nd grade. These are classic stories which have been rewritten for the Waterford Institute. They can be Read more …

Elmer and the Lost Teddy by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

Elmer and the Lost Teddy is about Elmer, an elephant with a multi-colored patchwork instead of the usual grey. This book, one in a series of print books that first began in 1989, is a delightful title that encourages being helpful. This book was published in print in 2005 and features illustrations that are drenched in rich colors.

The story follows Elmer as he tries to find Baby Elephant's lost teddy bear. Without his Teddy, baby elephant can't sleep, so Elmer lends him his own patchwork teddy while he searches for the lost bear. Soon Elmer finds Teddy in the bushes nearby and restores the bear to its grateful owner.

This digital offering is well made with simple, intuitive Read more …

Auracle HD – Miko "No Bath! No Way!" by Auryn, Inc

The Miko series, by talented author Brigitte Weninger, has been among my child's favorites in print for many years, published in the past decade. I especially love the beautiful illustrations of Stephanie Roehe that pair so nicely with the sweet stories in this series. In this title, Miko's doesn't want to take a bath.

Miko's ever patient mother tries to draw him out of his hiding spot, but ultimately lets him go to sleep unwashed. However her solution is that he can sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag instead of his nice clean bed. "It will be like camping!" exclaims Miko, but his enthusiasm wears off after a few minutes of snuggling in his dirty spot on the Read more …

The Jungle Book: Disney Classics by Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications

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Gerry the Giraffe HD by Take 2 Ventures LLC

Gerry the Giraffe HD is a delightful story about Gerry and his quest to improve his volleyball skills written by Melissa Northway of Polka Dots Publishing and published by PicPocket Books. This beautifully illustrated book is set in Africa where giraffes love to play volleyball. Gerry is left behind when his friends on the “Super Sonics” team go off to volleyball camp. Gerry is sad that he is not invited to volleyball camp because he is small and they believe he is unable to play. His mother gives the sage advice that he will grow up and perhaps he should try to improve his skills over the summer. Gerry thinks about it and decides that his Dad’s advice of Read more …

Toy Story Read-Along by Disney Publishing Worldwide

This free Toy Story app is often one of the first children's ebook apps that new iPad owners download. It's consistently in the top 10 for free books in the App store and you hardly need me to tell you it's worth downloading. It's a fully animated offering, with scenes crisp and spectacular, right from the movie, plus bundled together are two decent 'mini-games'. "Parachute Drop" is a GI Joe parachuting down, using motion controls you tilt to help him avoid obstacles & "Toy Barn Maze" has a simple maze for you to drag Buzz around to pick up his friends and exit.

The app is remarkably stable for such a big production, so it's a nice one to show off the new iPad to the kids. And it's full Read more …

Toy Story 2 Read-Along by Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications

Disney fans who enjoyed the free Toy Story book app will enjoy this title that follows the storyline of the first sequel, Toy Story 2. As Andy goes off to 'cowboy camp' the toys are left behind for an adventure that includes trying to save Woody after he is kidnapped by a collector.

The app is packed with extras and nicely made with simple settings, including a young reader mode that allows for arrow rather than swipe-style page turning. High quality music and narration give the app a nice polish. Text highlighting as the story is read, along with recordable narration round out this feature-filled storybook app. There are also small interactive elements on every page (indicated with a Read more …

Elly Book 4 by Dipali Vaidya

Elly the Reindeer is a cute cartoon-style reindeer. She has adventures with her animal friends in a sweet rural setting where all the child-like characters live in their own homes and look to each other for help, fun and solving the occasional dilemma. In this story Elly goes on a picnic, bringing lots of her friends favorite foods.

She starts out with a map and plans to go on a long hike to the hill where she will meet her friends for lunch. Along the way she gets hungry and eats most of the picnic basket's contents (except for the chocolate mice she leaves with Owl). After she gets to the picnic spot, she finishes off the juice and falls fast asleep. When she wakes up, all her friends Read more …