Imagistory - Creative Storytelling App for Kids by Imagistory Publishing Limited

Imagistory is a wordless picture book designed for children 3 and up. The objective of the app is to increase overall language skills while creating unique stories. The only tools necessary are an iPad and a great imagination. There is so much that I like about this app. The app is very user friendly. Page turning is easy and learning curve is small. There is a small guide in the parent and teacher section, but more about how to use the app in the classroom and not really how to use the app. The only hidden icons are to pause, return to home or restart, supported by an arrow in the top left corner.

At the onset the “author” is asked to customize the story with their name Read more …

David Wiesner's Spot by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Fans of David Wiesner are familiar with his talent for visual storytelling. Many of his books actually contain no words, as is the case for this app. That leaves readers (or in this case the app users) the ability to use their imaginations and create their own version of what is going on. The white and blue pencil zooms into a snow scene full of sledding bugs and snowflakes. You can even zoom into some mold on a sandwich and discover a whole forest scene, including a ladybug family on a picnic together.

First, the illustrations are phenomenal. I am talking some of the best I’ve seen. This is more than “hey, what a cute picture, let’s see what happens when I tap here” Read more …

Nighty Night! HD - The bedtime story app for children by Fox and Sheep GmbH

Nighty Night! begins with, "Night falls. The moon is high. All the people are ready to sleep as they turn off the lights. But wait! Look at the farmhouse. There are still some lights on. The animals are sleepy, too. Do you want to turn off the lights?" A peaceful farm appears, where you can tap on any one of seven lit areas on the page. The next scene shows an animal still awake (with a light switch nearby). Tap the switch (each light & switch is different) and the animal settles into sleep, closing their eyes.

After all the animals have been put to bed, there is just one person still up - a little boy (and the reader). The last scene is of this little boy waving out his lit Read more …

Nighty Night Circus - Bedtime story for kids by Fox and Sheep GmbH

“Nighty Night Circus“ is the sequel to the most popular bedtime app of all time, Apple App of the Year 2012, “Nighty Night!“ Please see our review of Nighty Night for more details about this series - Note: This title has no text and only limited narration, comparable to a wordless picture book. Contains in-app purchases (under parental gate).

Highly Recommended!

This app has been thoroughly evaluated by our staff. Please click on the 'star ratings' tab above, to see how it fared in all nine of our rating categories. See synopsis tab for more details about the storyline.

Karl's Castle HD by Ravensburger Digital GmbH

Note: This book contains no narration & limited amounts of text for instructions, making it a good choice for a 'wordless' picturebook in digital. Wordless titles like this have been unique but essential, even in print, for eliciting children's own storytelling and expressive language development.

Karl’s Castle  is an interactive picture book for young children from by Ravensburger Digital. It is available in both iPhone and iPad versions, this review is of the iPad version. It contains no adverts or in-app purchases. It does contain app store and social media links behind a parental gate.

Although Karl’s Castle is in the book section of the app store it is Read more …

So Many Stars – Andy Warhol by Bugaboo International B.V.

This extraordinary picture book app is based on the board book by the same name, published in print in 2013. So Many Stars is a whimsical and nearly wordless celebration of the artistic vision of Andy Warhol. According to the developers, the "So" series of illustrations created by Warhol was intended to:

" ... explore the concept of ‘So,’ including You Are So Big, You Are So Small, So Sweet, and I Love You So. Filled with sweet phrases that will enthrall parents and children alike, Warhol’s So Many Stars is a terrific introduction to an iconic modern artist. These illustrations are bundled in a unique ‘So’ book for children."

Featuring beautifully timed Read more …


Two of the six early literacy skills I focus on in storytime are print awareness and print motivation. Like librarians everywhere, as we read, play, sing, talk, and write I want kids to see that print is everywhere and understand how a book works. I also want to get them hooked on stories, books and reading.

Along with print books, I’m always looking for early literacy boosting apps and other digital media that I can review, use in programs, and recommend to families. So when I had the opportunity to review the WePublish app recently, I was interested to see what it was all about. Oftentimes the way to connect a young child with reading is too share with them books that Read more …

Hat Monkey by Fox and Sheep GmbH

"Monkey is Coming! Can you open the door?" begins this unique storytelling app by talented author/illustrator Chris Haughton. Developed into an app by Fox & Sheep, this title includes the first few sample pages of Haughton's print publications, including A Bit Lost, Oh No, George! and SHH! We have a plan. The main attraction in the app, however, is Haughton's exceptional storytelling in a new, digital environment.

After tapping the screen (with just the quote above), an image appears of a door and a window. Periodically a little figure knocks on the door and window, prompting youngsters to let the little monkey with a tassled ski cap into the room by touching the doornob. Once in the Read more …

Fiete – A day on a farm by Ahoiii Entertainment UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)

A delightful, wordless picture book is found in this sweet and simple app for young children. Parents and caregivers can explore this title with their youngsters, telling stories as they explore each setting. The app includes matching games and other memory activities, alongside a series of scenes with simple tasks to complete, like planting a seed or picking apples. With over 20 games and scenes to explore, this app is chock full of activities to engage and educate little ones.


This app has been thoroughly evaluated by our staff. Please click on the 'star ratings' tab above, to see how it fared in all nine of our rating categories. See synopsis tab for more details about the Read more …

Lola & Fred by Pul Edition GmbH

My rating for this digital book is likely to seem very high considering what this app doesn't have - no animation, no interactivity, no audio, and not even text. It's just a high resolution ebook based on a print title with illustrations that tell a story without words. The illustrations can be zoomed in and out with a pinch of your fingers, but that's it. Compared to my other 4 star reviews, this book doesn't take advantage of much of what an iPad can 'do'.

But wait! What this book lacks in features, it gains in being a unique title, even among print books. Picture books for young children that are filled with rich, expressive illustrations and no words at all have an important place in a Read more …

StoryBox by Bayard UK

Are you looking for the digital equivalent of a children's magazine - the kind with activities, stories, games and more? Well, look no farther! Storybox is a new children's digital magazine based on the print publication of the same name. This is a wonderful selection of activities & stories to occupy a child.

The app contains a full storybook with narration and animation, two cute comics (one a wordless "Polo" story), games and two short fact books about science and animals. There is only one edition of Storybox currently available, but it is definitely worth a download. Subscription information for the print publication is included within the app and I hope there will Read more …

Dragon and Wolf - An Interactive Children`s Book by Sergey Kochugov

Dragon and Wolf Treasure is a storybook about two little boys who go on an imaginative adventure. It is filled with colorful illustrations that are really gorgeous, along with lots of lightly animated and interactive elements that are polished and mostly story-related. The app is also solidly made, with great settings that let you choose any page and even expand the text boxes for easier reading. So why such a low rating overall? It's simple - this storybook was originally created for a Russian speaking audience (see the Russian version under 'other versions' tab above) but has not been well translated. It may have been a more or less literal translation, but it is not polished or Read more …

Tiny Builders - Action Construction Site for Kids! by wonderkind GmbH

I love an app that can keep young curious minds engaged and entertained for hours, discovering a world that is usually out of bounds for them in real life. Tiny Builders – Digger, Crane and Dumper for Kids! brings preschoolers to the world of building and construction through such beautiful illustrations that every screen to explore is like a piece of art that has been created with lots of care and pride.

This latest seek and find interactive activity book app by wonderkind GmbH offers so many things for preschoolers to discover and do, while sharpening their observation and concentration skills. I’m truly impressed with the amount of attention given to details in an effort to Read more …

CHOMP by Christoph Niemann - funny video stories for kids by Fox and Sheep GmbH

Get ready for an innovative app from Fox & Sheep, developers of the award winning Nighty Night. Chomp is not exactly a book and not really educational app material either. It's flexible for use in schools but also laugh-out-loud entertainment for all ages. Perhaps it could be called a digital wordless picture book or even a storytelling platform. According to's stellar recommendation, "It’s not quite a storybook, and not quite a video game. It’s ostensibly for kids, but its creative appeal is universal. It’s definitely digital, but feels analog. The app lives at the intersection of all these things, which is one reason it’s such fun to play."

Over Read more …

Pico the Penguin - World Travel Adventures by Petita Demas by Petita Demas Ltd

Note: This is a Wordless Picture Book with limited narration. It is meant to be shared together with a young child.

Pico the Penguin is a simple, point-and-touch app for very young children, ages 2-5.  The object of the game is to lower Pico’s temperature in some very warm places, using imaginative ways to cool him down. It begins with a cute introduction, which is helpful the first time the app is opened.  Pico has the travel bug.  Your child joins him as he goes in search of new adventures, but he must be careful. Pico must stay cool, because after all, he’s a penguin. His journey starts when you choose a destination on the world map. 

At each Read more …

Highlights Monster Day: Play at Home Game for my Preschooler by Highlights for Children, Inc.

Welcome to Highlights Monster Day: Play at Home Game for my Preschooler. It's a new app in the Highlights education series, featuring games on every page that take young pre-readers on a journey from day to night. Fans of the magazine (packed with games, puzzles and articles for children) will not be disappointed in this digital offering. Monster Day is pure fun for pre-readers, while also being an exceptional wordless picture book in app form.

Monster Day is a hybrid between a game and a book. I could imagine it in print as a pop-up book without text. On the opening screen youngsters get to choose a monster "child" from five options. They will then find this cute creature asleep in Read more …