Pat the Bunny by Random House LLC

Pat the Bunny has been a classic children's book for over 70 years. The original print version, by Dorothy Kunhardt, works its magic with textures to touch and feel, as well as interactive elements. In digital form it lacks only the tactile experience - all the other magic is there - only amplified. There are many more elements to play with, like bubbles from the bath to pop, flowers to watch grow after watering and musical pots & pans.

The book starts with the familiar "peek-a-boo with Paul", although instead of lifting a fabric swatch over the boy's face you just tap the cloth and the fabric flies up, accompanied by cute giggling noises, a surprised gasp or even Paul sticking out his Read more …

PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Loud Crow Interactive Inc.

PopOut! Peter Rabbit, by Loud Crow Interactive Inc. is one of those books that dazzles from the moment you open it.  It is interactive in many remarkable ways.  Berries, when tapped, juicily burst on the virtual page with a wonderful popping sound. It also has an inspired way of re-creating the experience of reading a traditional print pop-up book.  Many pages have animations adapted to look, feel and move like old-fashioned real pop-ups.  The book's narration (which can be turned off) is accompanied by an adjustable musical track that is mellow and perfect for bedtime reading.  The delightful narration is clear & crisp (British English). 

I Read more …

Violet's Bunny Trouble - Interactive Storybook by Black Dog Books, LLC

Violet's Bunny Trouble is the most recent book in the "Violet" series of book apps. These books are a unique series with interactivity that is integrated nicely into the storyline. The series stars a little girl who wants to be a detective, searching for clues and solving mysteries. In this spring-themed book she helps her classmates find Easter eggs on the school grounds while also tending to a bigger issue, the mystery of the missing class pet, Mr. Cottontail.

This series of titles is solidly made, engaging the reader in the story's plot. The interactive clues are set up in a very thoughtful way that draws the child into the story itself. Every page also has four Easter eggs to be Read more …

KidsMg Easter Special Edition by Portegno SA

KidsMag from Portegno Apps is a fantastic series of digital 'activity books', including a short but cute storybook in each issue. This issue has the children listening to a bedtime story about Easter. It features a land of bunny 'egg painters' ... a group of helpers not unlike Santa's elves. The main character is just learning his trade and gets lots of inspiration from his siblings before finding his own style.

As a digital offering, this title is solidly made with ample settings to navigate and adjust the app's audio. The story and all activity pages have narration, so even pre-readers can enjoy this app. Illustrations are simple computer graphics but colorful and engaging in a Read more …

Cuddly as a Bunny - Picture Me® by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

Cuddly as a Bunny - Picture Me is a short, sweet book app that features a story that your child can star in ... insert a picture from your photo album or take one with your device's camera. My child, now in Kindergarten, likes reading the 'PictureMe' series with both current photos and ones taken when he was a baby. You can even email the pages with personalization ... something we do all the time for grandma and my child's godmother.

Eash title is deligtful, featuring over 12 pages of a cute story that features your child on every other page. Check out "PictureMe" Cute as can Bee and the other holiday versions of this app - truly delightful! Young children will appreciate the simple Read more …

Busy Bunnies by Newleaf Solutions

This is a terrific app for young children from Newleaf Solutions, whose tagline, "We make apps for little fingers!" rings true. Busy Bunnies is very solidly made with easy page turn arrows and interactive elements that respond well to the littlest hands. Every page has a few cute animations, like bouncing bunnies, a watering can that makes the carrots grow and even bath bubbles to pop. The sounds are crisp and well-suited to the interactivity. It is a perfect book for a todder to play with, even.

The book's storyline is more like a toddler board book, with a tale of two bunnies going through all their daily activies from getting up to going to bed. The book is simply illustrated in a very Read more …

The New Adventures of Peter Rabbit - Enchanted Tales by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

This is a unique offering from Oceanhouse Media, based on a print book that accompanied a straight-to-VHS animated series produced in 1995. The story is a modern adaptation of the peter rabbit story with cartoon illustrations and original music to enhance the digital reading experience. It is very appealing to children, but one of those titles that many parents will want to pass on for shared reading. Even the reviews for the VHS production reflect that while adults may not find this adaptation particularly enjoyable, kids, on the other hand, love it.

The story itself is rather long and windy, as Peter meets new forest friends and trecherous enemies before finally discovering his sisters Read more …

The Velveteen Rabbit HD by XIMAD

This is a beautifully illustrated and enhanced ebook based on the classic story by Margery Williams. The illustrations are rich and evocative of a bygone era. There are wonderful objects on every page that respond to the motion of the iPad or the flick of a finger. This interactivity is particularly nice in such a long book, giving my preschooler a way to be involved as I read it aloud. In the past I haven't been able to get him to sit still for me to read our print version of this book, which was unfortunate since The Velveteen Rabbit is one of my personal favorites.

The book is also accompanied by wonderful background music, a classical music track on a very long loop. This is a nice Read more …

Emma Loves Pink by WingedChariot Press

Emma loves Pink is an adorable little ebook with charming illustrations and sweet narration. The story is about Emma, a little girl who loves pink. And I mean REALLY loves pink. She'd like everything to be pink, even the trees and sky. When her froggy friend gives her a present, she imagines all sorts of pink things it could be ... but then discovers it is a cabbage. This green veggie is tasty though and she decides maybe green isn't such a bad color afterall. When she kisses froggy on the cheek to thank him, he turns pink with embarrassment, much to her delight.

This book has simple page swiping and is solidly made. There is also a small 'extra' called "stickers" that lets the child pick Read more …

The Velveteen Rabbit by Ruckus Media Group

** Through 12/31/2011, all proceeds of "Rabbit Ears" apps from Ruckus Media will go to St. Jude Children's Hospital. ** The Velveteen Rabbit is a classic book that has been re-imagined in digital form many times. This version, in fact, is one of those digital transformations. Unfortunately it is taken straight from the 1985 video presentation narrated by Meryl Streep in a rather pretentious, and artificial, British accent. The piano accompaniment from George Winston is beautiful, of course, and the video presentation of the book is certainly enjoyable. As an iPad book, though, this title fails to really take advantage of the platform.

The book includes a video that pans over the Read more …

Motlies Easter Island Adventure by JustKidsApps - Katrin Draemann Barothy

This is part of the Motley series from Just Kids Apps. It is an unusual but imaginative series of tales based on a series of creatures that are, "very different and individual animals. They can all speak animalish – the common language in the wild – and are able to share their experiences and stories. They are quirky and fun and can help to bring an understanding and appreciation of the world around us."

At Christmas time you may have discovered their free book app, an adorable story starring one of Santa's reindeer that can only fly upside-down. Like the story from Christmastime, Henry the Upside Down Reindeer, this Motley story has a fun plot about a trip to Easter Island Read more …

Just me by Luis Parravicini

This is a beautifully illustrated little book with light animations and subtle interactivity. The story features a little rabbit that isn't quite like anyone in his family. Not narrated and lasting only a few minutes, this is a simple but elegant digital presentation. 

The interactivity is so subtle that you might miss it. You can add more blush to grandma bunny's face, strum brother Ernest's guitar, and toss a carrot over grandpa's gigantic belly. There is also beautiful but oddly haunting piano music that can be turned off with a simple setting. As a digital title, this app is solidly made with a nice page guide and even the choice of arrow or swipe-style page turning.

While the Read more …

The Big Brag - Dr. Seuss by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

A rabbit and a bear are full of their own importance, bragging to each other about their superior abilities in this digital edition of a classic Dr. Seuss book, from Oceanhouse Media. The original print title, Yertle the Turtle and other stories contained three tales and was published in 1958. This tale is essentially about vanity and being overly competitive.

The rabbit claims that his hearing is so good, he can hear the tiny cough of a fly on a hill 90 miles away. Not to be outdone, the bear claims it's his nose that makes him superior to the rabbit. "I can smell twice as far as you hear," claims the bear, saying he can smell 600 miles away, where a hummingbird egg has just Read more …

Goodnight Moon by Loud Crow Interactive Inc.

In the Great Green Room, there was a little boy and a red balloon has lulled millions of children to sleep since it was introduced 65 years ago. Goodnight Moon, a classic story for children of all ages, has been adapted to an app by Loud Crow and features interactive elements that bring the storybook to life in the great green room. Children can touch, swipe or title the screen to help the fire crackle, cow jumping over the moon, the old lady whispering hush, fading lights and more. The app features a “read it to me”, autoplay and a read it to myself option. The optional piano music can be turned on and off as you wish within the story.

Our family loved this digital rendition of Read more …

The Mud Monster by Tizio BV

Edie (a turtle), Pip (a goose) and Kay (a rabbit) are adorable animals who will charm children and adults alike in this new digital picture book by talented artist and author Chantal Bourgonje. There is a timeless quality to this tale, even though it is an original story written for the iPad. Lovers of traditional picture books will dive right into The Mud Monster's well-crafted verse for a familiar style of storytelling despite the modern medium.

The original illustrations are drenched in color (similar to Bourgonje's earlier app, Fierce Grey Mouse) in two separate versions of this book. Both versions are the same storyline but different artistic renderings of this circular Read more …

Snowflakes Are Falling HD by Take 2 Ventures LLC

Snowflakes are Falling is a simple storybook app about a young girl and her cat, and the adventures they have while playing in the snow. This is a beautifully illustrated story with distinct audio narration. Children will be enchanted by the falling snowflakes and the cute audio sounds when certain characters are touched on the screen.

PicPocket Books brings quality children's picture book literature to digital media. This interactive children's storybook app promotes early learning and helps your children develop reading skills by connecting the audio words and sounds with the written word on the page. This is a lovely picture book with audio recordings and interactive visual text, Read more …

Alice for the iPad by Atomic Antelope

Alice for the iPad by Atomic Antelope gives you a unique chance to re-read this children's classic. It is very well designed and offers stunning illustrations, as well as cool interactive features.

This book app has been highly acclaimed in the press:

• “It reinvents reading.” - The Huffington Post 
• "I am blown away.” - Gizmodo
• "The future" - BBC 
• “A new generation of pop-up books.” - The Independent 
• “Shows why e-books are cool.” - Mashable 
• "Sumptuous." - The Sunday Times

Your kids will be delighted to watch Alice grow big as a house or shrink to just six inches tall simply by tilting Read more …

The Wee Adventures of Shabu Shabu - Book 1 - The Jade Legend by Steam Powered Productions Pte. Ltd.

The Wee Adventures of Shabu Shabu – Book 1 – The Jade Legend, by Steam Powered Productions, is a magnificent tome of a story app and the first in the series of eight books. Book 1 begins with a little Taiwanese rabbit who wants to follow her prestigious grandfather’s paw prints and be an inventor. The tinkering turns into many years, with the inspiration of getting to the moon to find the mysterious Jade Rabbit, similar to our version of the “Man in the Moon” concept. Shabu Shabu has always dreamed of joining her grandfather on his adventures, but instead spends her childhood cloistered in his lab because he is so overprotective of his granddaughter.

Read more …